Yamaha YP-D10?

I have a chance to acquire the above turntable.  I'm a vintage Yamaha fan so I'm tempted as this appears to be quire highly regarded but would like to know what I can look at alternatively. Any ideas? Thank you. 
Dear @prairieboy: That Yamaha is pretty decent TT and with a really good tonearm. For me that tonearm can competes with the best vintage or today out there.
The TT is very good, you don't have to look for alternatives if that unit is in good operation condition.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
Thank you Rauliruegas. It is appreciated!!
Thank you Raul! It's great to see someone else recognize the superb tonearm on the YP-D10. I got one on a YP-D8 turntable (the arms are  identical). The TT itself didn't work, a real mess not worth fixing — but the arm was immaculate. After studying it for only a minute or two, its uniquely simple and effective VTA-on-the-fly feature, and feeling its almost frictionless bearings, I realized it was a superb design, far better than I expected. I bought the TT just for the arm, and because the TT didn't work the cost was negligible. A problem with using the arm on a different TT is the cueing device — it was activated by a lever at the front of the table, linked by a cable, and cannot be used independently. I saved the cable+lever of course, but this was many years ago and I can't find them. But it's better to have a self-contained armlift anyway, I just have to improvise a remedy. This tonearm flies waaaay under the radar, no doubt because it was never sold separately, and I'm delighted to have it. It's very attractive as well, with the quality finish Yamaha usually delivered.

wow what a pitty purchasing high definition turntable just for arm?? they're all fixable and super good.

Thank you for the additional insight especially about the arm. It's making my decision easier! Once I decide I'll let everyone know.