yamaha DVD-S1500: mod it, DAC it or trash it?

I have yamaha DVD-s1500 as a CD/DVD player. Plays very good video. Not sure if I can get better sound on my low budget. I've already traded one in because it has a very noisy transport. Runs really hot - I worried that will degrade the sound and circuitry over time.

current set up:
CJ Sonographe SA250
TAD-150 tube preamp
Joseph audio RM22si's (just purchased here - to replace Dynaudio 52's)

I could add a dedicated CD player or replace with an all in one CD/DVD player or just add a DAC to the yamaha. I like the theory behind the parallel chip nonOS stuff floating aroundg the net - haven't heard one. Or maybe tweak the yamaha - maybe swap opamps or caps.

I'm a low budget cheapskate, Most of the above was 50-65% off retail. Except this $400 DVD player...

Looking for a non-fatiguing sound, with deep soundstage/room ambience etc. As opposed to upfront pinpointy sound...

I know hat's asking for alot on a low budget - but there must be some used gems out there somewhere...
Give the non-os DACs a whirl. There are plenty of good ones out there at very reasonable prices and many are offered on a trial basis so you won't have much risk involved.