I am currently using JPS Superconductor 3 xlr Source to pre(1/2meter) and pre to amp(1meter). I had jps speaker cables(superconductor+) until I audition Acoustic Zen Holograms II (mono configuration). I felt that Acoustic Zen Holograms II gave me the biggest upgrade of all in terms of sound. Now I am force to give back my JPS S3 since they were on audition but I do like does.

Do you recommend that I tried Acoustic Zen Absolute, Silver or Matrix(XLR)?
Hey Melanco

I met a Kavent owner who also had the P-2200 monoblocks and he had Acoustic Zen XLR cables with them along with AZ speaker wires. The very top tier stuff. The sound was AMAZING to me when I listened to his system. I wish I had the issue you are facing as well as your gear. ;) Is there an AZ dealer near you that you can talk to? Have them review your system and the specs of the Kavent gear to see what cables may work best. Who knows maybe they can have you audition sets of cables with your gear.

If it were me based on specs on the AZ site I would just have the Matrix Reference II and the Silver Reference II XLR cables face off.

In my Kavent based system I have MAC (My Audio Cables) Vibe XLR cables from the S33 to the P-3300 and the sound is great to my ears.

Good luck with your search.
I have a few people that recommended me to try ABSOLUTE or SILVER from source to preamp, MATRIX from Preamp to Amps. Thanks Jedinite24
Hey Melanco

I'm glad whatever little info I can provide is helping you on your quest. I tracked down the guy who also had the P-2200s in his system along with AZ cabling. Here is what he had.

Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II XLR Cables from his player to the preamp and then Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II XLR cables from Preamplifier to the Kavent P-2200 Monoblocks.

Good luck with the search. I'm sure an AZ dealer can work with you. Those cables are serious $$ to me.