Have you heard to the ESS Transar Speaker system?

Back in the late 1990's I purchased a ESS Transar Speaker system as part of a complete audio system. The entire system was from the 1970's and was sold by the audiophile's widow. They were quite cool speakers with 5" square drivers suspended vertically by 4 cords. Surrounded by 1.5" thick rosewood panels. Total speaker width was approximately 4' wide by 4' tall. I believe they had ribbon tweeters as well. Being a college student and needing money, I sold them along with the rest of the components a few months after purchasing them. Does anyone know about these and does anyone have any idea how much they would sell for today. They were in PERFECT condition. Thanks Greg
I haven't heard the ESS Transar system but I heard the ESS Transtatic years ago and thought they were awesome. My 1997 Orion Blue Book says that, although they cost around $3,000 in the 70's, they show current value (in 1997) of $60 for the ESS Transar/ATD and $260 for the Transar 2/ATD sysyem. Suprisingly, the prices shown in this 15-year old book are pretty accurate for what people are asking for equipment today.

I did see an ESS Transar system somewhere recently and the owner was asking $12,000! I'm sure his system sounds amazing, but I'm also sure that for that money you can do better with a used pair of modern speakers than a pair of warmed over 1970's classics (regardless of condition). The only exception I can think of might be a pair of old JBLs with the 375 midrange driver and 075 tweeter. I'm not trying to offend anyone, just my two cents.