wyred 4 sound vs odyssey khartago

hi guys. anybody compared first-hand wyred 4 sound st-250 against odyssey khartago stereo power amps?
i'm running vintage thiel cs2 (aka cs2.0) and listen mostly to jazz, world, and ambient (in this order) and a little rock.
any feedback?
thanks, francesco
I came upon your question while researching pretty much the same topic for myself! It's funny, some threads elicit hundreds of responses while others just a few. I'm in a similar boat, trying to get real world perspective on both of these as it relates to driving Magnepan 1.6s.

I will let you know if I run across anything of interest-

Well, I’m in the same boat looking at the Cyclops and the Wyred4Sound mINT. Both are US made and seem to be a good value. I previously tried a KingRex Class D amp and while the sound was clean as a whistle, it lacked body.
Go for the Odyssey. I have a pair of upgraded Khartargo Mono Blocks i use with my Merlin TSMXe speakers, sounds nice smooth and tight.
The Odyssey seems like a good way to go. You can make some significant upgrades to it.
Unless Klaus offers a cap upgrade for the Khartago, this amp could be dismissed for driving theils to any appreciable levels for rock music. The Odyssey Stratos with a cap upgrade would be a better choice as opposed to the stock Khartago. Also the Wyred 4 Sound ST-250 should be a good candidate as well. I have owned all these amps before and in terms of sound quality they are all very good.
I'm not familiar with either amp, but let me remind all that these particular Thiels; the CS 2's are not that difficult a load:
Thiels specs: 2.87 DB/2.83V/m, 6 Ohms nominal/5 Ohms minimum, 40-250 Watts/channel recommended.
Stereophiles measurements (keep in mind that Stereophile has been unable to test Thiels at Thiel's recommended listening distance): http://www.stereophile.com/content/thiel-cs2-loudspeaker-measurements
Unsound, thankyou for bringing this info on the CS2's. I was under the impression they presented a difficult load.

04-02-12: Phd
Unsound, thankyou for bringing this info on the CS2's. I was under the impression they presented a difficult load.

Me too. But I gotta say, that impedance plot in the Stereophile review is about the most amplifier-friendly curve I've ever seen.
Francescof, please do let us know what you decide on, and how it sounds!