Primaluna Pre and Odyssey Power: Impedance issues?

I own an Odyssey Stratos (Stratos Plus w Kismet board upgrade) SS Power Amp and would like to pair it with a Primaluna Prologue Premium Tube Pre-amp. However Im confused as to whether they will be "compatible". On Primaluna's site, regarding mixing tube Pre w SS Power they state SS Power Amp impedance should be approx. 10x that of Tube Pre.

Prologue Premium Pre Impedance = 2800 ohms
Stratos Power impedance = 22000 ohms

....Primaluna states on their website "For the ProLogue Premium, it would be best to use amplifiers with an input impedance of 28K ohms or higher. However, we do have several reports of customers using amps with an input impedance of 25k ohms and having great results."

Does anyone have any experience with this Tube Pre SS Power combo and/or just any general advice re mixing tubes with SS? And you may ask why Tube Pre for me? Just trying something new/different and would like to try tubes in my system (Rega vinyl front end, B&W speakers)... and I tend to prefer warmer over analytical sound.

Thanks in advance for any advise!!
2800 ohms is a very high output impedance to drive a SS amp, it's more of a match for a tube amp.

2800 x 10 = 28,000. Your amp's impedance is 22000 ohms. This preamp is not a match for your amp.

If you had a preamp with 600 ohms output impedance, for example; 600 x 10 = 6000 ohms. That leaves room for changes in the speaker load. You need room for peaks and transients (especially in the bass).
I actually prefer to use a value of 20x amp input impedance vs. tube output impedance. That allows for a safe area for impedance peaks and changes in power needs.

In cases, where there the preamp/amp impedance specs may look good on paper, without enough of a safety or buffer area, the sound can sound flat (loss of highs) and undynamic (loss of bass).
Many thanks for the response. I guess the Primaluna pre is off my list!