wright sound company, step up wmt100

Good Day,

anyone try this step up on preamp, who could gave me his comment?

plan to buy one for my vintage amp and use it with DL103R or other moving coil low output?

thanks for any info you could provide

Jazzbeq, I'm curious if you bought the Wright WMT100? What are you using for a phono pre? I'm keenly interested in the Wright Sound WPP200C and will need a step up for my DL-103R. Any info would be appreciated! -Mark
I have it and enjoy it immensely, with the Wright WPP100 and a Sound-Smith rebuilt Denon DL103. For me the sound benefits substantially when matching the SUT load to the cartridge, by adding resistors via Y connectors on the input of the SUT.

Jim, I just picked up a WPP100 and I'm using it without a step-up. Even before the needle hits the vinyl, I hear more hiss than what I think is normal. It sounds like low level radio static -- as though I have a tuner keyed into an empty station. When the needle hits the vinyl, the noise is overtaken by music, but I can hear it inbetween songs and during soft passages. FWIW, I'm using a Denon DL-103R, but the noise is present even without the turntable connected.

Could this phono stage be noisy without a step-up? Would you mind pulling your step-up out of your system and letting me know if you hear the same thing? I'd really appreciate that.

Hey Mark.

In my experience tube rush will be minimal (if any at all) if you keep the gain pots on the unit lower than 9:00. But unless you've got gain to burn in your amp, having the pots this low probably won't provide you with much output using a LOMC cartridge without a SUT.

I think that if you are running the gain pots high enough to run a LOMC with the Wright you're certain to have a lot of tube rush! It might help to keep in mind that while it has tons of gain the WPP100 is a MM phono stage.

IMHO it would be definitely worthwhile to get or make a SUT. There is a lot of information about how to make a high quality SUT inexpensively with Cinemag transformers, over at the vinyl asulum. If you are certain that you won't be getting a SUT though you might consider selling the Denon and getting a good quality MM instead?

I hope this helps.

Jim, can you point me to the specific step-up you use with your DL-103? A link would be great. What's the boost ratio? I'm not familiar with Cinemag.

I'm comfortable with DIY projects, but the more I read, the less I want to guess about which SUT to build or buy. Many people recommend Kevin Carter's (K&K) kit that uses Lundahl transformers - considered the best. Another person suggested a $100 Denon unit (AU-300LC) with 1:10 boost. Any thoughts on that? What did your project end up costing?

A MM cart definitely sounds appealing with all these considerations ;~}
Mark, I have a 1:10 Wright SUT that I additionally add resistors via Y connectors, bringing the "stock" load of 100 to 40 ohms instead (to more closely match the DL103 impedance). I also use a 1:36 SUT built from Cinemag transformers (by a friend) that sounds excellent, to my ears anyway. It provides a load of 37.5 ohms without adding anything to it.

Whether you go with a 1:10 or a 1:36 you'll be way better off than with no step-up with the Denon.

Some people really like the Denon step up, you might want to do some research in vinyl asylum as well as here. It's cheap, it's plug and play, and people say it works well. I've never used it so I can't provide a first-hand account though.

Well thanks, i have bought cinemag, for DIY project, but will need assistance to complete it. so will not be able to help with wright step-up! sorry

thanks for the info anyhow