WOW, check out these Stereo Systems.

Hi, check out this website. They got the most amazing stereo systems on here. People put there stereo systems on this site. Here's the link
I had posted a link to that site a couple of years ago on AA. I agree that there are quite a few nice systems on that site and it is well worth posting again here for those that aren't familiar with it. For those that have never visited it, get ready to spend some time going from system to system. Well worth the visit just to see how / what these guys are running. Audio Research might want to think about sponsoring it : ) Sean >
Very nice indeed!!! Worth the time
Awesome site. Thanks.
This is a great site. Each time I visited I came away with great ideas. It is nice to see the effort and passion put into assembling these systems.
A great site. I feel quite humble seeing some of the systems. Also an inspiration to get there myself. steve
Is this a hoax, or some devious plot to catch a virus? I was dumb enough to try it and this is what I get: 'The page cannot be displayed'
Just copy the link & goto (Webcrawler search engine) then click "goto URL" should take you there... gives results from at least a dozen search engines with just one entry. Its all I use. Sometimes if a site does not come up, try the same site from a different engine and it will. Dont know why.