Would a Synchromesh make a difference ?

I listen mostly to Tidal streaming service. My system is a Logitech
Squeezebox Touch on a wireless network, Acoustic Zen digital cable, Metrum Acoustics Octave NOS DAC, Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated Amplifier, Analysis Plus speaker cables, Acoustin Zen Adagio speakers. Thinking of adding an Empirical Audio Syncromesh between the SBT and the DAC. Any thoughts on whether this would be money well spent ?
Old thread and no responses.  Sorry bout that. Did you get one?  I have used one with there different DACS and that's about to be four and it's killer.  Best money spent on the video side of my system.  Even the blue ray sounds so much better than directly into the DAC.  Love this unit and I don't even have the upgraded PSU for it.  Someday as I know that would make an even bigger difference.  I may have to sell it though as I will have the new Ayre QX5/Twenty in a couple of weeks and won't need the unit.
The W4S is also pretty good, but limited in functionality (everything gets regenerated at 24/96kHz).  Works best with high jitter sources like Internet radio, or older DAC's before great clocks got inexpensive.