Difference in MC vs MM gain stages just db's????

What differences are there between these two stages? I know that MC is typically a higher gain in terms of decibels, and that the cartridge design is different. But is the phono stage design different for MM and MC, the RIAA curve or whatever?????? I use a high output MC cartridge, and it always sounds better in MC dedicated phono stages than it does in MM stages. It is not a volume issue, it is an inner detail, greater degree of presence and dynamics issue. The MM always sound smooth, big, and great! But the MC has all this,less just a little width, but gobs more inner detail, and definition.

Any thoughts would be helpful.

Gain and input impedance. The latter does affect frequency balance.
I have a Tandberg preamp with MM and MC inputs. (In storage now). When I got the service manual, and looked at the schematics I was surprised to see that there were two completely separate phono preamps, MC and MM, but that the circuits were identical except for resistor values that set gain, and the resistors at the inputs which load the cartridge. Even the transistors were the same.

Of course the RIAA equalization is the same. As suggested by Kr4 the input load resistance and capacitance affect cartridge performance, and any difference you hear is probably a result of this.