Would a KingRex T20U benefit from a power cord upg

I would like to change the power cord on my KingRex T20U as I find the cheap cable that ships with it is a not up to snuff.
Anyone out there in the ether upgrade the power cord or the DC power cable from the PSU to the amp.
Your feedback is much appreciated
I have no experience with your units, but any time I've swapped the molded sheath, included power cord for an aftermarket one (from Synergistic Research, PS Audio, Monarchy Audio, Pangea, or Zu Audio), I've always gotten an improvement. Each cord brings a something a little different to the party, but always better (IME) than the original.

In fact, I jut picked up a marvelous high current 1981 Heathkit power amp, and I'm going to get the captive cord replaced with an IEC socket so I can power it off a PS Audio or Zu power cable. I'm expecting a little more warmth, smoothness, and bass attack (feeds the big capacitors faster) when I do.