Woofer placement near floor-benefits?

I don't understand the reasoning behind say the YG Sonja and Magico S3 with floor level placement of their woofers. Intuitively inappropriate to me. I think Avalon Diamond is technically much more appropriate with woofer well off the ground. I would appreciate being enlightened. Thanjs

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I heard YG Anat at a show a few years back. Very nice. They seems to do a lot of things well.
There is something to be said for speaker placement near the floor in general in terms of both reinforcing bass compared to otherwise and minimizing effects of sound reflected from the floor in general. In general, floor reflections add nothing useful to what you hear in regards to the reverberant field and its effect on soundstage and imaging and should be minimized whereas reflections from other room boundaries can and often do.

In some cases, a slight upward tilt in conjunction with placement near the floor may help things out even further.

I've done this recently with a pair of small Triangle monitors in my wife's acoustically challenged and very lively 12X12 sunroom with tile floor and vaulted ceilings (see system pic) using Isoacoustics brand isolating stands to help keep the bass clean and articulate and the results are superlative....teh best ever in that room.
I find my Triangles mate best with gear that is a touch towards the warm side of things.

I get it currently off my main system via the ARC sp16 pre-amp, the only tube piece in my main setup. Just a touch of warmth but nothing overt. A nice combo with the Class D amp.

They do very well also of the TAD Hibachis which add a fair amount of tube like warmth to the sound.

I really liked them off my old Tandberg TR2080 receiver which had a lovely warmth to its sound when I had that.

I will run these off a tube amp someday just for something completely different and fun, maybe a flea powered SET, whenever I finally get around to it.

I find the flaws with teh little Triangles to be mostly of ommision with the lowest octave but the setup and placement can effectively alleviate that, at least in a smaller room. I've used them in my larger room where the OHM 100s are currently along with a sub and that was a formidable pairing.