Wireless Wav. Files to Stereo

Hi fellow a-goner's.

I use musicmatch and itunes on my computer. I am backing up my cd collection to wav. files and was wondering:

1) can i wireless get my wav. files to play on my stereo in an uncompressed way?

2) If so, how? Have D-Link wireless 54mps router now. what combo of hardware, devices, and/or other software, is best to get true cd-qualty from my computer to my system wirelessly.

thanks all


Squeezebox. Do a search and you'll find all sorts of information on the Squeezebox, as well as other options.

You can also use a Linkys Wireless G Music Bridge which I have seen for as little as $79 bucks. It works with pretty much any media player. The nice other nice thing about it is that it has the capability to do surround sound since it has a Coax and Optical digital out in addition to the regular L/R RCA out. Only thing is it uses WEP standard versus WPA encryption.
I am using an Apple Airport, which has a toslink optical output. Basically, I stream wirelessly to iTunes and then the airport grabs the digital stream and outputs it on the toslink, which goes right into my Meridian front end.