Wireless sound transmission to HT rears?

Have any of you found a sonically acceptable means to transmit sound to rear channels of a home theatre? This could make a big difference to my flexibility in positioning an HT. Might to a LOT of us!
Depends on your standards for sonic acceptability. I found the AudioEngine unit acceptable for surround and sub in my 2nd system.

I wouldn't even consider it!
thiel has a wireless system that is supposed to be lossless however i have not heard it nor do i know if it can be used for ht. based on my experience with thiel i am guessing it is excellent.
You know, I use the Audioengine wireless iPod transmitter for playing iPod on my stereo, and I find it shockingly good. Never thought of using their non-iPod wireless transmitter for this purpose. Will check it out. (Skepticaly of course :)
So Kal, it's not good enough for your "first" HT? :)
Nope. Tried it with the big system and heard some noise and anomalies from the surround pair. Of course, I use both systems mostly for music and, imho, that is a more critical application. Again, it depends on one's standards and what new technology comes down the pike.

On my first test of the devices I got noise and anomolies but I only had the sender and receiver a yard apart. When I separated them I got better results but still the wireless piece seemed to bleach the sound a bit. I'm hoping that if the bleaching is the only penalty, it will be ok for rears. Will try it over weekend.

Sounds like you are having better success in your second system than your first, yes?
I had better success with the wireless kit in the second system for two reasons. First, the rear speakers are arranged differently (90deg in main, 110deg in second). Second, I have lower expectations for the second.

Nonetheless, I am not using wireless in either of them.

Postscript: I am using wireless Audioengine AW1 now for rears with M-Audio v40 powered speakers. I am satisfied with this for rears. Need to crank up the volume for some reason. Still plan to experiment with sub.