Wireless cans, over the ear

Hey Guys,

Can anyone recommend a wireless pair of cans? Over the ear, preferably  closed, bluetooth enabled, don't care for noise cancellation as they will be used in a quiet environment. I like the sound leaning on bright, not too much boom for me. My budget for this is anywhere up to 500, hopefully within the 300 range.

I like to listen to Qobuz on my Ipad at night. During the day I do the accasional web conference like anyone else in the current situation and I would want these cans to double duty for that.

I used to use a pair of Audeze Mobius and I was reasonably happy with those. Decent soud, convenient, confortable but they broke down after one year use and I am reluctant to buy the same model as I have doubts about the build quality.

As a general rule I don't trust Bose and I'm not too keen on Sony even though the WH-1000XM3 got great reviews all over.

How about Audio technica ?

Has anyone tried the Beyerdynamic Lagoon ? They seem to fit the bill on paper at least.

What about Sennheiser Momentum ? The reviews are not stellar and they seem to have usability issues.

Has anyone tried the new Dali io 4?

As you've seen I've perused the web; it's a shame it's difficult to try them on. But here we are, we are expected to fork out 500 without a chance of trying what we are about to buy. Hence my request for some real life experience.

Thanks anyone for reading and contributing if possible


If you can wait a couple of months, Massdrop (now just Drop.com) is coming out with bluetooth wireless headphones -- Drop+THX Panda Wireless Headphones. Usually, Drop gives you much better bang for your buck. I might be pre-ordering mine soon @ $399. The sound of planar ribbon drivers should be pretty good.
As a general rule I don’t trust Bose
Good call. The HIFIMAN Deva with planar magnetic drivers (like Mobius) just came out and may be worth a good look. They’re open back, but they should be highly detailed and if my HE400S are any indication there won’t be any bass boom. They can be run both wired or wireless, and they’re only $299 new. Best of luck.