wireless/bluetooth receiver

greetings all, i have a very modest hi-fi system (nad 1600 receiver) with a decent set of speakers and amp. i need a receiver for the digital side of the music collection. i stream from sound cloud quite a bit and have a pretty good collection of stuff on the computer.

i need something to hook up to the system to pick up stuff from the phone or the computer for when i'm delving into stuff that is not in my vinyl collection. way back i had some sort of blue tooth receiver i picked up from best buy, but it ended up in my woodshop (it never sounded great anyway)

so looking for something on a very modest budget (as far as audiophile stuff goes) that is at least halfway decent. reading through the other post looked like sonos isn't recommended real high

and looked like the Node 2 has quite a good record - anything else i should look into
I think an Auris bluMe will get the job done for you and for $169. I have it in my system and use it for streaming music from my laptop or tablet or smartphone. I really love this product and hence the recommendation. I had a Logitech bluetooth receiver that I picked from BestBuy. I still use it in my secondary system. But it is no match for the Auris.

thanks for your input guys, sorry for the delayed response, haven't had much time in front of the computer


The Yamaha YBA 11 works great for me.   It has a coax digital output and sounds really good fed to my NAD M51 DAC.   There are other units out there that have analog outputs but I wanted my dac to do the D/A conversion.  
Sorry to recommend that.....    it looks like they are only available used and people are gouging prices big time.