wire for dedicated 20 amp circuit

i have a friend who is an electrician. i asked him to get me 10 guage romex wire for a dedicated line. he got 10 guage wire but it is insulated in wound metal. he called it MC... an industrial version of romex. will this work or do i need to get romex?

please advise,

This is the same type of cable that I have (although I use 12 ga. wire) for a dedicated 20 amp circuit. I use this instead of its plastic sheathed brother (romex) because it is exposed on the outside of a wall inside our house for about 20 feet.
This type of shielding is very common in industrial plants that have to have electrical cable exposed (i.e. not inside walls) for added protection. I do not see an issue at all with respect to your use of this product.


Maybe Romex is not permitted where you live, and that's why he came up with it. Ask.

Aluminum MC will better shield against power line noise from external magnetic/electric/radio fields. Probably the best off-the-shelf wiring you can buy for audio apps IMO. (Make sure all the conductors are sheathed, including the ground).

The only advantage Romex offers is ease of installation.
thank you very much for the info.
Uh, the LAST thing you want adjacent a dedicated line is a magnetic material, so at least use aluminum if it has to be metallic. RSVP for even better suggestions....