Hello all, I'm wondering if any of you have been playing with Windows 10 Technical preview and have you been able to make it work on a music server.
I have it on 4 machines and actually like it a lot. I decided to download it on my windows server, I could not get it to take USB 2.0 aftermarket drivers, I have removed and reinstalled, deleated and re downloaded drivers and haven't been able to get it to work. One issue is that the drivers are delivered as a .rar file. Not sure if that complicates it or not... So here is the problem. I'm running windows 10, I get an update, it goes from version 9926 to 10041. I decide, I'm tired of messing with this, I'm turning back to Windows 8.1 and I get an error message that says, "you can only turn back 1 version of Windows"... The Upgrade, deleated my Windows 8.1 partition!....
I don't have it on a disc. The way that I see my options are: Keep messing with this for awhile until I make it work or new drivers come out. Nag Microsoft for a copy of 8.1 or purchase it(I believe they will give it to me)... Get a temporary dac that will run on Windows USB 1.0 (The only Decent that I know of is HRT Music Streamer HD-of course limited to 24/96) and lastly, get another computer. I'm kinda stumped beyond that, wondering if anyone else has tried it, used it, made it work or might have different ideas?

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"One issue is that the drivers are delivered as a .rar file."

That works like a zip file and has to be extracted before use. You may not notice it because because some apps/file managers will auto mount the file. Also, if there's more than 1 rar, you only have to extract 1 of them. Once the extraction starts, it will automatically do them all.
"So essentially, I lost all of my music for nothing. The library is rebuilding slowly and all is well. I hope my stupidity may help another.
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What makes you so sure that you lost all your music? You may have, depending on what you did to the HD. But there's a good chance you can still recover at least some of your music by using more powerful tools.