Hello all, I'm wondering if any of you have been playing with Windows 10 Technical preview and have you been able to make it work on a music server.
I have it on 4 machines and actually like it a lot. I decided to download it on my windows server, I could not get it to take USB 2.0 aftermarket drivers, I have removed and reinstalled, deleated and re downloaded drivers and haven't been able to get it to work. One issue is that the drivers are delivered as a .rar file. Not sure if that complicates it or not... So here is the problem. I'm running windows 10, I get an update, it goes from version 9926 to 10041. I decide, I'm tired of messing with this, I'm turning back to Windows 8.1 and I get an error message that says, "you can only turn back 1 version of Windows"... The Upgrade, deleated my Windows 8.1 partition!....
I don't have it on a disc. The way that I see my options are: Keep messing with this for awhile until I make it work or new drivers come out. Nag Microsoft for a copy of 8.1 or purchase it(I believe they will give it to me)... Get a temporary dac that will run on Windows USB 1.0 (The only Decent that I know of is HRT Music Streamer HD-of course limited to 24/96) and lastly, get another computer. I'm kinda stumped beyond that, wondering if anyone else has tried it, used it, made it work or might have different ideas?
"One issue is that the drivers are delivered as a .rar file."

That works like a zip file and has to be extracted before use. You may not notice it because because some apps/file managers will auto mount the file. Also, if there's more than 1 rar, you only have to extract 1 of them. Once the extraction starts, it will automatically do them all.
Hi Tim,

Good comment by ZD.

Regarding the deleted 8.1 partition, if in fact that existed as a partition that was separate from the W10 partition, as opposed to having been in a partition that was overwritten by the W10 installation, you might be able to recover it by using the partition recovery function that is provided in the free version of the MiniTool Partition Wizard. I haven't had occasion to use the partition recovery function of that program, but I've used some of its other partition management functions, and it is a remarkably good program, especially considering that it's free.

I'd assume that it can be installed into W10, given its advertised compatibility with every previous version of Windows back to W2000.

Also, FWIW, I'm a big believer in disk imaging. If you had an image of each of the partitions on the drive, or of the entire drive, stored on a separate drive, getting back to where you were would be very easy. I use Terabyte Unlimited's Image For Windows. I create images of the "c" drive on each of my computers about once a month, and store the two most recent image files on a separate drive. If a drive were to fail, become corrupted, or have some hard to fix software issue develop, rather than having to reinstall and set up Windows, programs, drivers, updates, etc. from scratch I could very quickly just restore the most recent image, and replace the restored data files with backups which I do daily.

Good luck. Best regards,
-- Al
Hello all, I didn't retrieve my partition, so I lost all of my music. I wanted to give the update to benefit others that could go through this. I originally did the restore because I could not get my aftermarket USB 2.0 drivers to load. I thought I had tried everything.... Now, I feel as dumb as a box of rocks. I haven't loaded a DAC on a different machine in a couple of years and just forgot 1 issue.
I did not disable driver signing. I've had to do this on win 8 machines previously. Its been so long that it didn't come to mind. I went into advanced settings, disabled driver signing, reloaded the driver, loaded right up... So essentially, I lost all of my music for nothing. The library is rebuilding slowly and all is well. I hope my stupidity may help another.
"So essentially, I lost all of my music for nothing. The library is rebuilding slowly and all is well. I hope my stupidity may help another.
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What makes you so sure that you lost all your music? You may have, depending on what you did to the HD. But there's a good chance you can still recover at least some of your music by using more powerful tools.
Visiting a couple of friends with a 128gb flash drive in my pocket works wonders...