Wilson Sophia or AvantGarde Uno?

for 6000$ used i have the choice between this too differents
speakers . what is the best choice with a 50w gainclone
you're working backwards. pick the speakers you want to live with and let the rest fall into place.....
How big is your room, what music floats your boat, what other equipment do you have, what current speakers do you have and why do you want to replace them...you get the idea.
Hey, Rohan! Still loving the DAC . . .

These speakers are as different as could be. I would definitely hear both before committing to either.


Juanitox, Jaybo is right but prior to even contemplating a buying a speaker what Chadnlz said is also important.
My god!!! BBW versus Model (depending on the sound you like and I'm comparing the personalities)?

Pick your speakers and then pick your amp... aren't the Uno's self powered?
As a generalization, you should know the Wilsons will sound better than---with a larger variety of equipment driving them.---i.e.they are less fussy/easier to drive.6K is a great price,pick them up and they will sound pretty good on most any decent amp you got/get.
hi mike , happy you can listen the LESSLOSS Dac in peace now....(private joke)
do you have tried it in master mode?

i came from a CELLO Serafin Active speaker , and would like to get a better sound in the future , i have already hear a pair of sophia with big JADIS amplifier and love the sound , but i'm curious to hear your opinions if you
had ear both avantgarde uno and wilson sophia. i know it 's very different
sounding between horns and 'regular' speaker but i like dynamic at low level,
great imaging , transparency and beauty of the 'timbre' ..

For a little more, there was a nice pair of Duos on this site a couple days ago.
I have the Duos and they are very revealing of everything, from AC line noise to colorations in the equipment up stream.
The Duos will shine with the right system behind it- you certainly don't need a 50 watt amp to drive them, and without being familiar with the sonics of the amp you have, it may not be the right choice.
The active aspect of the AvG is the woofer, which to me, is the weakest part of the speaker. The midrange horn, hooked up directly to the amp (and jumping from there) has startling clarity, detail and image, due in part to no crossover. Good luck.
Im,trying to make the same decision,leave me your phone #,Im been audiophile for over 30 years. I need to make decide by this week. i can t type well . I need some input SOPHIA or AVANTGARD thanks LOUIS
I fail to see what

'what music floats your boat'

has to do with buying a pair of speakers. Surely a pair of speakers should be able to play all types of music equally well. IMHO.
OK so if you want loud rock or large scale Classical a Quad or single driver speaker isnt for you, if you like mostly new popular music an extremely revealing speaker may not be best. There is a couple quick example of why "what music floats your boat" is a question to consider and depending on answer perhaps more ideas can be offered.
why exactly does that matter to you?, it was meant for the original poster.