Wilson Sophia 2 or WP 6 ?

I know this topic as been much discussed but I would like to ask this specific comparison. The Wilson Sophia 2 and the Watt Puppy 6 are both going for around the same price on the "pre-owned" market. Around $8K. This is the limit of my price range so I ask those who have heard and or lived with both to comment on the differences. I have hear the Sophia 2 and really liked it, but I do not have the ability to audition both side by side. I listen to mostly classic rock (Floyd, Wings , Stelly Dan, etc) So not really concerned with the bottom octave or an organ but more with the authority of a kick drum recorded on old analogue gear way back when I was young ! They will be used with Audio Research CD3, LS26, VT100MKII. Transparent Ultra Bal cables and Shunyata Hydra and PC. I imagine the mid-Hi section similar so what is gained or loss between the single 10" woofer vrs the 2x8" ? Thank you
The Sophia is by far the more forgiving of the two speakers. You're equipment is well up to the task of working with either speaker, but on less-than-well recorded material the Sophia probably will sound more listenable, especially in the treble. The WP also is a bit harder to set up optimally; it's very revealing. Bass might also be a little fuller with the Sophia, again not a bad thing with classic rock. Since you liked the sound of the Sophia, I would suggest going with it.
rcprince hits things very well. I used to own wp 6's, then 8's then maxx 2's and 3's...

About all I'll add is what about your room...and can you get professional set up? (unless you're trained/experienced here). if you have a treated room, dimensions that aren't to much of a challenge and can get professional setup...then I'd go with wp 6's...

The Sophia's are more forgiving and can yield better sound if something isn't optimal (like setup or the room or the source music material). However, the WP's once tuned...are a better speaker imo...

good luck !!
Having listened to Sophia 1, Sophia 2 and the Watt Puppy 5.1, I loved the Sophia sets but decided on the 5.1 when making my purchase.

No complaints at all. To my ears the WPs are faster and more articulate. They throw a better soundstage with cleaner imaging and greater visceral impact.

I was afraid that the WPs would be to analytical and thus sterile, however this has not been the case. Less forgiving? Most definitely but not in a negative way.

Again I stress these are very listenable. I listen happily for hours on end. I about have to tear myself away from my listening sessions. I find that they are always inviting and involving without sacrificing all the rest.

All that said, you just plain cannot make a mistake here.

All three sets are amazing!!

Thank you all , this is helpful information.
Jfrech what a beautiful room you have! I have tuned my room with panels and bass traps. I am an audio engineer in the pro audio industry. So the tuning is easy and fun for me, with placement and room design / treatments.

I just have a limited budget :(
Vdosc, I figured from your moniker you were in pro audio. I love the big Vdosc line arrays! I heard some of the smaller series in live theatre setups- also amazing.
vdosc, given that info...I think you should go for the WP's ! Let us know what you decide...
I've owned Sophia 1's and now have WP 8's. I went to my local dealer to audition Sophia 3's with the intention of buying them but when I A-B'd with the Watt Puppy 8's they weren't close to the Watt Puppy coherence and impact IMO. The WP 6 would be great with your choice of music, by the way Dave's daughter Debbie owns WP 6's, I think that says volumes about them !!!!!!!!!
I was once in a position were I had to choose between Sophia 2 and WP8. I had chosen the Sophias, since to my ears, they were more coherent sounding.
When I purchased my first pair or Wilsons, I compared the Sophias (first version) to the WP 6s which I could have purchased for a few thousand more as they were being phased out for the WP 7. I went with the Sophias because I felt that they were more musical and less clinical than the WP 6s. The WP 6s did have better articulation, extension, imaging, soudstaging, etc.
When I heard the WP 7s, I just had to trade up. The WP 7s had the musicality of the Sophias plus the soundstaging, imaging and other attributes of the WP series.
I now have Sashas which I love as they have even more musicality than the WP 7s.
In short, I felt then and now that the WP 7s were the first speaker in the WP series that did not lean too much to the clinical side. I'd go Sophia 2 which I thought was a natural successor to the original. Of course, if you could stretch for WP 7, the gains are huge in every way. Just my humble opinion.