Wilson Alexia 2

What is your favorite color in this speaker. I’m mainly thinking one of the blacks so as to fade in but also like that Diamond Black. Haven’t seen the carbon,  that’s a new color. Just curious what most people my think is best to look at and for resale value. Your thought are appreciated. 
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My vote is for black, or a dark gray. 
Nah, go bold!  Either fly yellow, viola pearl or the blue on the Wilson A2 page. 
Diamond black 
Slight upcharge on Alexia 2 as color, but I love it. It pops. All of my Wilsons except my initial pair ( dark grey) have been black.  But this is a highly personal choice that only you can make cause you have to live with it.

Only in the past few years has there been an upcharge for this color.
FWIW my speakers, canted in, have all sat near my windows with years of sun on the inside panels. There has not been the slightest fading on the inside panels. I do wax the speakers carefully once a year. 
I prefer Diamond Black over the other colors that use the extra metal flakes. Probably because Diamond Black matches my WA Center, and Surround speakers.

My reviewer mate has the Mercedes Silver and they look stunning, he went through many amps, in the end it was the Gryphon Antillion Evo that couldn't be headed.

Cheers George