Will Parasound A21 damage my NHT?

Will it damage my NHT 2.3 with 86 db and 200 W/C max into 4 ohms? I know parasound is 400w into 4 ohms. I usally listen to my speakers at 11 o'clock. How high can I go if I play loud before my speakers get damaged? I know nothing about amplifiers. Thanks.
"Will Parasound A21 damage my NHT?"

Short answer, no.

Long answer, the ratings given for speaker watts max are over long use, at prolonged output. Basically, coils heat up, but take far more time than our ears can stand to do so.

What will damage your speakers, is too little power. When an amp distorts, or clips, on output, it sends a distorted signal to your speakers. Prolonged clipping can damage your speakers very quickly. Usually, tweeters go first.

Incidentally, I had a halo a21 with my NHT 2.5i's long ago, and they sounded great together. You'll love the parasound with your speakers.
Couger: As above, NO. For comparison, I had the A21 pushing NHT Classic 3s (bookshelf). no problem whatsoever.

Good luck.