will new Beatles mono lp's require a mono setup

wondering if the new Beatles mono set will necessitate a true mono cartridge and so on, to sound right. That is not so common today, even among audiophiles.
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I own and listen to Elvis Presley "24 Karat Hits" on AP.

Some of the songs here are in mono. They sound absolutely fantastic on my stereo set-up. I wonder how much better it would sound in mono, the way it was meant to be listened to.

After I get the Beatles mono box in home, I will look into the Ortofon White mono that is said to have been made solely for this box set.
I have an RSD pressing of The Doors called curated for record store day. It was pressed at QRP, and all songs on side one are mono. I think it sounds fantastic on my stereo cart. That said, I am sure it would sound better with an equal cartridge that is mono. As to the technical reasons why, I will leave that to those with experience.
Asked and answered...yes :)

A mono cartridge is optimum, but a pre-amp's mode switch set to mono will do.
I ordered the Box yesterday. "Put my money where........"