Will my McIntosh MC 205- Power B&W 802 Diamonds?

Looking to pick up a pair of 802 Diamonds. Currently use a McIntosh MC-205 5 channel amp (200 watts per channel). Will this amp sufficiently power the 802's? Will this amp let the 802's soar, or should I step down to 803 Diamonds instead? Currently run 802 Matrix S2's that do soar with this amp.
In my opion... you would have to crank up the volume to ear damaging levels to exceed the capability of the MC-205's 200 watts per channel.

I heard an A/B comparison between a pair of MC1.2KW monoblocs and a single MC275 (only 75 watts) powering the 802D - I personally could not tell a difference. The room was approximately 20W x 15L x 12H.

Not sure I buy into the need for extra 'head room' because I personally have not been able to hear a difference.
well, i would have agreed with ecsrun until this past week. I have a pair of 800D, running them with a 200w Rotel amp, was playing them rather loudly but not crazy loud, with choir music, and blew a tweeter. High odds the amp clipped and that blew the tweeter. But since then I've been asking around and plenty of other folks have blown the diamond tweeter with what you would think would be plenty powerful amps, including the Mac 501 mono. I guess if you never play loud, then don't worry, but these B&W speakers sound good loud..too tempting to crank it.
Thanks to everyone for your courteous input! Actually went with a "as-new" conditoned pair of original 802N's I purchased for a song. The price was so right I could not refuse them. Shipping to me now. Paid an amazing $3200.00 for pristine conditon, boxes (absolutely new condition as well-were never used), manuals, all the accessories that came with the original pair. At this price I am confident I can sell them for a little more and then move on to more current 802, if I don't like what I hear.

Happy New year guys! -Jeff
Basically - yes - and without question.