Which amp to drive Avalon Diamonds?

COnsidering VAC phi 300.1, Convergent JL2mk2 sig, Lamm M1.2, BOulder 1060 to drive Avalon Diamond speakers. Preamp would be the ARC Ref 3. Any opinions welcomed. Thanks.
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Glai, not on your list, but the Atma-Sphere MA-2 Mk.III OTL amps drive the Eidolons beautifully and with great authority. I have not heard the A-S with the Diamonds, but the impedance and efficiency specifications did not change from the Eidolon to the Diamond so I would expect similar outstanding results with the Diamond.
Presuming you are fond of the ARC Ref 3 the path of least resistance would be to audition the ARC Reference 210's. They're a significant improvement over the original REF300's. The others you mention are some very best sounding amplifiers available. However in terms of synergy each of the designers mentioned has a bit of a different perspective &/or approach. Mileage will vary on if you feel the amalgamated sound is to your liking.

If time permits please do post a follow-up. I’d be most curious to hear how your final solution turns out.

I would recommend the 220 wpc Lamm M2.2, as it has double the power of the 100 wpc M1.2. My friend had the Eidolons (not the Diamonds), and he found that having the extra power really helped to get the most bass response from those speakers.

Good Luck in your search.
Bish: I auditioned the Ref 610 & Pass X600.5 and prefered the Pass. I prefer my listed amps over the ARC and Pass. The Ref 610 was great but sound more SS like than I liked. I will definitely keep you guys posted.

Kurtank: I have listened to Terry's system and it was great. I would rather have more Class A power.
I used to have Lamms M1.2 Ref driving my Eidolons Visions. It was not a good match IMO.
The VAC should be holographic and extremely well-balanced on the Eidolon Diamonds I imagine - and would be my personal first choice by far. Having spent a good bit of time listening with the PHI220s on them I have to imagine the 300.1 would be amazing. I can tell you that the VAC 220s were a better match to my ears than the Boulder amp in almost every way (though that likely depends highly on what type of music you listen to and synergies with associated equipment as well).

For what its worth, a lot of people who have lived with the CAT/Diamond combo speak highly of them but I have not had any extended direct time with the combo (I'm sure they will be chiming in shortly).

Will be curious to hear your selection but congrats on what will likely be an exceptionally musical system!
Glai, very interesting amps of choice indeed. I actually use to own the same Avalons which were set-up in my main designated room. Associated gear was ARC Ref3, Arc Ref300 MK2's, I also had VTL Sig 450's with the 7.5 pre original not MK2 version and preferred VTL 450's and ARC Ref3 combo.

Three of the amps you mentioned, Cat., Vac. and Lamm are all on my short list and want to hear in in my current set-up to compare with what I currently have, this set-up is not in my designated room but a secondary set-up. I am currently using Pass X-600.5 with ARC Ref3 and really enjoying it. I have been told that the REF3 will match nicely with the Lamm but unfortunately no so good with the Cat or Vac so if and when I go that route unfortunately I will be looking at pre's to match the amps. Regarding the VAC 300.1 realistically you are likely looking at two of them along with the Vac Sig. Pre which is allot of money. I have been told that the Cat. sounds marvelous and you will save allot of money going this route but again you should be looking at their pre as I have heard from others the Ref3 is not a good match.

A dealer close to me just got a VAC 300.1 and Sig. Pre so I'm anxiously awaiting for them to be broken-in so I can hear them.

Keep me updated regarding your outcome and if you choose to either get a Cat or Vac's let me know as I'm also looking at one of these.

Ken says the ARC Ref3 is fine with the JL2, he apparently did not think fondly of the Ref2. But then again, why not use the SL1 MKII if your going the CAT way.
I like a remote so no CAT preamp. I current have Phi110 and Pass 350.5 and both mate well with ARC ref3.

I can't do atmasphere due to open design. I have a 2 year old and another on the way.

My friend with the Lamm M2.2s uses a ARC Ref. 3 preamp, and they sound great together.

Since DEV brought up the VTL MB-450s, I will point out that my friend used to use the 450s for a couple of years, before upgrading to the Lamm M2.2s (which he has had for the past couple of years). The 450s are very good amps, but were slightly lighter in the bass response than were the Lamms. I will point out that they run HOT, and will warm up your room by several degrees. (The Lamms run very warm, and will warm up your room by a few degrees. However, you can put your hand on them, and not burn yourself, although it will feel very, very warm. Something to consider when a two year is roaming around.)

Elberoth2 reported that he did not have good luck matching the 110 wpc Lamm M1.2 with the Eidolons, and I agree that they would probably not have quite enough power. I will also point out that the 100 wpc DarTZeel, while a wonderful solid state amp (my very favorite solid state amp, btw! - WOW, great sound!), is also probably not powerful enough either. (And yeah, my friend tried that too, albeit with his Rockport Antares, which replaced the Eidolons.)

Thought these additional bits of information (opinion?) might be of some use to you.

Good Luck in your search!