Pass XA160 or Rowland 302 for Eidolon Diamonds

I have Diamonds on order and am in the market for a good solid state amp. Considering the Pass XA 160 but also have read good feedback on the JRDG 302 (specifically with Eidolons). Front end is a Wadia 861 direct feed to the amp via MIT 350 reference cables. Speaker cables are MIT 850. Also use Hydra 8 PLC.

TIA for your opinions.
I have heard the JRDG amps on the Eidolon Diamonds as well as the Halcro DM68 and Tenor 300HPM. I thought the Tenor was clearly the best, the JRDG second and the Halcro was a far third.

I do sell Tenor and do not sell JRDG or Halcro.
Well, since you have not gotten any help so far, I will tell you what my friend uses for his Eidolons (regular version, not the diamond version).

He uses a Classe CA 401. 400 wpc of pure power really makes them sound great. (He also has a pair of VTL MB 450 tube mono-blocks, in case you are interested.)

Hope that helps!

PS If the Diamonds don't work out for you, I will gladly take them off your hands. Heck, I will even come by and pick them up. For free!
Thanks for your responses...

Jtinn, the Tenor 300HPM is on a different league -- that should be compared against the JRDG 301 monoblocks which retail for 30 grand. How would the JRDG 302 stach up against the Tenor 75 watter? That should be a more fair comparison.

Kurt, I haven't heard the newer Classe CA series of amplifiers. I've heard a pair of Eidolons with the older Omicron and found it to be a bit dark sounding. I should audition the CA series though.