Will Merlins be too much

My system is posted if you want to see it. What I'm wondering is if these would be too much speaker for a small room or too revealing for my system. The room is about 10x12.
I had FAR superior amplification to yours when I ventured into Merlin-land. Granted this was years ago and perhaps Merlin has changed the formula but all I can offer is that the "little" Merlins were a very sterile (read "not musical") ride that was not at all to my taste. Others, clearly, dig the Merlin sound. Not my cup of tea. Be very careful with partnering gear. There is a reason the Merlin is shown at shows, primarily, with Joule.
lindisfarne, what model tsm did you have?
and how many years ago did you have it.
newer models can be used with a much wider variety of associated gear.
yes there is a reason why joule is used at shows and it is not because it is the antithesis of the merlin sound.
a lot has happened with the newer models.
The TSMs sound great in rooms of your size. I've heard current production TSMs sound excellent with moderately priced solid state gear. Haven't heard your Nak. components, but if it isn't a good match, you can get good compatible amp for less than you probably think.
Talk to Bobby@Merlin. You will be amazed at the personal approach he will take to understand your needs & preferences. You will be hard pressed to find another speaker that will give you as much long term satisfaction as the Merlins. Cheers,
Lindisfarne comments may be accurate about the old Merlin's, I am not sure. But I can tell you he is "wrong" about the current Merlins. I have the TSM-MX's, in a small 10 by 12'ish room, and they are anything but sterile. Drop Bobby a line, he is very approachable and will let you know about your situation. Just be aware that they are very revealing and will show any weaknesses in a system.

Yeah, I have a pair of vsm-mms, and let me tell you, they are ANYTHING but sterile. They play any type of music I throw at them with amazing realism and "rightness."

I've been using my Merlin TSM-MX's in a 13x19 room with Arcam AV gear. I can assure you they are very musical, not at all sterile even with these modestly priced electronics and cabling. I also have Joules in my other 2-channel room, and yes, the TSM's with those amps are outrageously good (musically rich, but still tonally very neutral).

In a 10x12 room you could probably go on the diagonal if it makes sense from a furnishings standpoint. That would get you back a little further from them and maybe help the bass.
BP- I had your TSM model 10+ years ago. I understand Merlins are more "friendly" these days. I have even contemplated giving them another shot. I just could not get into them on any kind of musical level that matters to me. Layering, soundstage, front-to-back illusions are hifi BS to me. A "test-instrument" is not what I want when exploring the joys of music. I want to hear and feel the intent of the artist. I want to cry if the piece is worthy. I just never felt any more goosebumps when your speaker settled into my system. I've tried lots of stuff over the years and I keep coming back to certain brit and single-driver systems. The brit marks I enjoy are generally musical, fun, and engaging. The single-driver gig, with all of its baggage, at least does the coherence thing better than anything else I've explored. You've got a long list of happy customers and have a lot to be proud of.
hi lindisfarne,
thank you but i am more proud of how far the merlin product has come in its potential to convery exactly what you are looking for. these may still not be your cup of tea but they have become more relaxed, tonally right and complete sounding, at least to my ears. if you ever have a chance to listen to the tsm mm or mx, please let me know.
bobby at merlin