Experience of Mundorf S/O or S/G/O in Merlins VSM

Has any Merlin owner got Mundorfs in X-over.
Used with Esostar softdome tweeter I wonder if sound will
"open up" more than Hovlands. If, will it be at any cost in terms of brighter/edgier sound. S/G/O (very expensive) is said to be better than S/O but also more sensitive to placement. Maybe use Mundorfs for tweeter and Hovlands for the rest plus a S/O for upper midrange. Bass I don´t think matters that much.
BTW I use tubes throughout.
Appreciate comments/thoughts even if You haven´t any experience.

Happy New Year/Ear!
You might ask Dgarretson or Sns they should have some imput for you.
Here is a site that gives a mine of info on caps and other things.

Thanks guys!
Dgarretson use Clariry Cap MR in his speakers, know him since earlier.
Humble Homemade, I´ve read the Cap Test but can´t make up my mind.
i responded to this yesterday but for some reason it did not get posted.
depending on the version of the vsm you have (which is?), it may not be good to mix the capacitors. the later vsms use cryoed hovlands and the use of a non cryoed cap in the hf may make the speaker sound incoherent and lacking continuity.
you will certainly make the vsm sound different but not necessarily better.
changing the caps in the rc network or super bam may proove to be a better way to go because these caps affect the entire bandwidth.
i am not advocating the changing of the caps but we are using the duelunds in the master bam and master rcs with to great effect.
thank you,
bobby at merlin
Thanks Bobby!
My VSM MX I believe is made 2004, serial no. 3468. My BAM- RCA was made 2007.
If possible I would propably change to S/O that would make it easier (read cheaper) if I have to change the rest.
I will also use Duelund resistors instead of MKP, already use them in RC network together with Mundorf S/O.
Already have S/O in BAM together with Vishay bulk foil resistors (0.01%). To be honest I´m pleased with sound but I want to know if it can be improved in especially upper midrange and treble. Beeing a bit of an "audiogreed" I search challenge for improvement it´s part of enjoyment.

Kindly Regards & Happy New Year!
You could get the Lead-Free upgrade and Master RC Networks(Dueland caps), which have already being proven and go from there without any guess-work on your part.
clabe, oh yes i remeber you now.
happy new year!
what is it about the upper mids and lower treble that is bothering you?
and did you have this issue before you changed all the caps?
i want to hear what you say before i say anything more.
but i know this cap and its sound.
best regards,
bobby at merlin
Hi Bobby!
Did you get my e-mail regarding whether my VSM MX had X-over cryoed or not. Important if I have to upgrade with Mundorf S/O throuhgout whole X-over or not.There´s a considerate difference in price.
Like listening to clarinett a lot, especially to Mr Putte Wickman, world wide known. Unfortunately died last year in respectable age of, think it was, 82.
Sometimes I can find its sound a bit sharp, it doesn´t mean it have to be speakers. Upper treble I find a bit short, could be my phonostage or other equipment.
BUT, I´m willing to give it a try with other capacitors.
I noticed improvement with S/O in BAM + RC network.
Please I´d appreciate if you could tell cryoed or not.

Many Thanks!
clabe, the vsm mxs have cryoed networks so the discontinuity will be there if you use a cryoed and non cryoed cap in the same speaker.
did this bright sound happen before you changed the caps?
do you find the upper mids a little pinched? pushed or recessed?
thank you.
Hi Bobby!
Thanks, I haven´t made any changes at all yet.
But yesterday I resoldered X-over with Mundorf Silver/Gold
solder. Made a difference in terms of clearer sound throughout spektra. Treble also sounded extended and lower midrange nicer in terms of more distinct sound. This was what I wanted, I will not change caps so far it sounds really god. Maybe sound even improves as solderjoint gets burnt in.
I didn´t expect this difference by only changing solder.
Sorry for my preconcieved meanings and ignorance.

Many thanks again and the best.

c, the more continuous you make the speaker sound the more extended the extreme bass and treble seem to be.
let the solder joints break in for some time until you have a good idea of what you have gained.
is the sound more present in the mids or relaxed?
I will tell you in due time.
Hi Bobby!
After weeks listening on my Merlins with X-over resoldered with Mundorf silver/gold. Opinion stays the same as my initial i.e. clearer throughout spektra and more distinct in bass.

Best Regards!
After adding a bypass Mundorf Silver/Gold/Oil of 10nF across Mundorf Silver/Oil cap for treble I noticed a clear difference compared to previous Silver/Oil bypass. Treble sounded extended and more pronounced in a natural/live way. Listening without bypass made sound softer and details not as pronounced. I recommend this combo and you definitely keep costs lower compared only using Silver/Gold/Oil in filter.

Many Thanks!