will m-l cls' electrostatics ROCK???

i'm considering martin-logan cls' but even m-l sez they won't go loud enuff in my 22x38 room, even when used w/my vmps larger subs. i listen to electric as well as acoustic music, so they must be able to get LOUD. m-l sez 93db is as loud as they'll get, even when crossed over to my subs at 50-60hz. any comments?
I have tried these speakers the CLS IIz versions with Bryston monoblocks, B&K monoblocks and an older Krell amp in a fairly large size room and I could not get them to sound dynamic in fact the amps started to clip. They drop down to 1.5 ohms. You can't beat them for their clarity and speed.
Get yourself a pair of InnerSound Eros speakers if you seek a 'stat that can rock -- the CLS won't do what you want... Plato
Sedond, I may be able to help you. InnerSound makes a very powerful electrostatic-optimized amp that will seriously drive the CLS's, and Inner Sound speakers are among several viable options. I will honestly discuss tradeoffs with you - I have experience with quite a few planars and electrostats. E-mail me at audiokinesis@home.com.
Your CLS's would rock big time, especially in your huge room, with a pair of Kinergetic SW800 subs- designed to go with CLS's- thats 5 x 10" woofers per side. I have a pair for sale, give me an e-mail if you are interested or have any questions. audionut@home.com
I recently auditioned the Innersound Eros with their amp in my home. My room is 22x26. I was astonished at the sound of Metallica and JP on these things. They played LOUD. Add a sub at about 45 and you will have to spend a lt more to be happy in my opinion. I listened to just about every speaker under 20K. I spent a lot more for Dunlavy SC V because classical is my first listening choice and Heavy Metal my second. Nothing against ML, just want to share my experience.
Hi Sedond; If the manufacturer says their speakers are not suitable for your room and listening habits/tastes why would you disagree with them?