Will Japanese power distributor work in US?

Thinking of getting an Oyaide OCB-1 power distributor, a very simple 6-outlet design. Amazon.jp has them for around $220, much cheaper than buying from dealers. Question: are the outlets/sockets/cable plugs the same for Japan and USA, or should I be looking for special export models? Also, has anyone had experience with Hubbell 4-plex extension outlets? Are they any good? Many thanks.
I don't know the answer to your question, sorry. Be aware though, the shipping can be pretty stiff and you may have to pay US import duty. On the other hand, I buy a lot of stuff from Japan with no problem.
But while you're searching around check these out: www.audio-replas.com
Now those are power distributers! Unfortunately, I don't know of anyone who imports these.
I used to bring bands to Japan to tour there. The power is 100V vs. 110-120V in the US. We never had a problem running amps there on that lower power. The finicky musicians never noticed any change in sound of their gear either. If the piece you are looking to buy doesn't have a power regulator that is trying to set itself at 100V you are probably within the useful range of the product.
Eddaytona, US voltage is standardized at 120v, +/- 5% [114v to 126v], although I've only encountered a 117v to 123v range. Running US equipment in Japan will result in about a 16% under-voltage, while running Japanese equipment on US voltage will resulting in a 20% OVERVOLTAGE...this is NOT good! A 16% under-voltage will result in reduced power output, while a 20% over-voltage may outright fry your equipment, or lead to premature failure of components.

And you've also voided your warranty!