will eggleston works andra 2 rock

will the andra 2rock.led zeppelin type music.handle 600 wpc and drive high db's in large room.any input would be appreciated.
No problem, but how large a room?
Yes - but be aware of some driver mismatching behaviour (I owned Andra originals and Rosas), returnes to 2 way-sealed designs.
While a smaller baffle size may do great things for imaging and placement within the soundstage, it also typically equates to reduced low frequency output and extension. This means having to push the driver harder to achieve "wallop". This results in more power & heat dissipation in the amp and driver itself. As such, it would be better to get a speaker that is both larger and offers more surface area if you really want to rock at high spl's and do so in a good sized room. Sean
the room size is 16 x 30 x9.sean do you have some other soggestion for other speakers that would work.amp is sim w-6. thanks
Speakers are a VERY personal and room related decision. They will alter the perceived sonics of the system the most. With that in mind, you might be better off posting all of the pertinent info to such a question in another thread and ask for help. You might want to include your system info, size of the room, specific sonic traits that you desire, appr speaker size and placement requirements ( if any ) and desired listening level at a given distance.

If i had to make one suggestion for a room this size, and one wanted to "raise the roof", i would start looking at line arrays. They have multiple advantages in that the load is shared by many drivers, they sustain higher spl's into the distance than more conventional designs and distortion is typically a LOT lower too. That's because as one reduces excursion of a given driver, you also reduce distortion. This is achieved by sharing the load between multiple drivers, which also increases power handling. They also maintain more consistent tonal balance, regardless of listening height ( standing or sitting ). Sean