Eggleston Works Rosa Crossovers? Anyone familiar?

I recently purchased a pair of empty EgglestonWorks Rosa speaker cabinets and got a heck of a good deal(Please don't ask me where. They were the only ones. Sorry. I feel I got very lucky) They are brand new...not b stock or refurbs...never been used in any way or built up. I have found the drivers I need to fill the cabinets. The tweeters are Dynaudio Esotar 330D and all the woofers(mid-woofers and woofers) are 6" Morel MW-166(I believe these might be modified by Eggleston but don't know for sure).

My issue is I need the schematic for the crossover. I have done some research and found out the tweeters have one cap and 2 resistors and the 2 midwoofers are run full range. I have no idea about the two woofers.

The tweeters are in their own sealed portion of the top of the cabinet...the 2 midwoofers are in a transmission line loaded like portion in the middle of the cabinet with two large openings directly behind each driver on the rear of the speaker...the 2 woofers are in a sealed, dual ported portion in the bottom of the cabinet. Binding posts are single Cardas...No bi-wire per Eggleston.

There are many pictures and a few reviews online if I didn't explain very well and I have pictures of the rear of the cabinet which you cant find online.

I guess I need to know if anyone has crossover schematics(shot in the dark here), or can help me in any way to get crossovers designed/built for these speakers.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions or input.

Adam D
I own the Eggleston Rosa and love them. You must have gotten a great deal as these sell for about $3500 used here on Audiogon making them a great deal. Considering the time and expense of drivers and crossovers, it would be hard to save money relative to a good used pair. But it might be fun to try. I can't help you with the crossover, but know that the mids are run full-range. Your other assumptions are also correct, as far as I can tell.

Have you considered an external crossover from a company like Pass Labs? I have read that they are very neutral and have a VERY large number of possible settings. You can often find one used here on Audiogon. That could be the makings of a great little speaker and a fun project. Good luck, and please let us know what you end up doing.