Eggleston Andra 2 owners

I have read old threads about the Andra 2's refering to upgrading from the original Andra's but now are a few years old.

I am looking to hear from owners of Andra 2's and their associated gear set-ups. I replaced my Wilson WP 7's recently with these.

This is a second set-up for me and in a large area but must be "wife friendly"

I have other gear that I did hook up (McIntosh 501's and Arc Ref 3 pre and really liked the sound) but this set-up was not "wife friendly."

Right now I have hooked up Bel Canto Ref1000 mono blocks and Dac3, I just ordered the Pre3 because the Dac3 just isn't doing it for me acting as the pre. I want to see if there are any improvements to the point that I keep it.

I only have two sources, one cd player for serious listening and also a McIntosh 300 music server, both are hooked up via using digital connection (using Stealth Sextet cable AES cd player and RCA for 300 Music Server.)

I am also ordering a Bent Audio Tap Line Stage pre-amp. A friend who uses the Placette pre recommended it, suppose to be really good. The Moscode 401HR was also recommended to try, I have read some very interesting reviews. What is very interesting is that the 401HR being favoured over the Dodd 120's and also Bat SE 600 power amps. Both off these amps are highly respected, I have not heard either in my system. I want to listen to the Pre3 and Bent Tap set up for a while and then I'll get a Moscode to see what difference is, should be very interesting.

I really enjoy the Eggleston's and my goal is to mate them up with the proper gear to get the best out of them.
there certainly are alot of options for pushing the egglestons envelope. the one that i found most dramatic was also VERY expensive- transparent wire one-step below opus- (REF-MM).
i was able to save some money by their upgrade program. the day i hooked up my rowland preamp to my levinson amps with balanced REF-MM, the andras' bass went thru' the floor and the stage opened considerably. i didn't know the andra's could make THAT kind of bass until that day- i was totally amazed. after i saved up i later upgraded all my wires to that level- i just had too. but this is just one path you can take in squeezing truly world-class sound out of the andras. just don't tell anyone else that they don't have to spend $30-50k (or more) on loudspeakers to get a MUSICAL full range loudspeaker. BUT, you might end up experimenting with A-PLUS class "other stuff" to make them sing even more.
I do not own the Andras but do own the Fontaines. FWIW, I am extremely pleased with my setup driving the Fontaines: Opera Consonance Reference 2.2 (factory mod'ed) CDP; Mapletree Audio 2A SE Linetage (separate power supply with tube/HEXFRED hybrid rectification; 2x12SN7GT with switch for 6SN7GT tubes); and Van Alstine Fet-Valve Ultra 550 (hybrid; 250+wpc). Although I am not sure how "wife friendly" this is, mine doesn't seem to mind.
French fries, I also have Transparent Ref MM speaker cables, no interconnects. I am also using Virtual Dynamic Revelation Sig. have you ever tried their product? even more expensive than Transparent

How do have you speakers hooked-up? Are the cables you have bi-wired, (two separate runs, most don't do this because of the cost but it is the best way) or a jumpers?
Dev: Transparent isn't a big fan of bi-wiring (you have to go extreme with the bi-cable which in my opinion not worth the cost of the next version up in single wire..)so you can buy the transparent reference jumpers to add to your speaker cable (typically get banana to spade for the jumpers if your speaker cables are spades). Otherwise just try connecting your speaker cables to other set of binding posts to see if you notice a difference.

As far as the Bel Canto... I've found most of the Ice or Class D amps to be light in the bass with speakers like yours and Wilsons. 400+ watts was needed... Honestly you might be blown away with just a Theta Dreadnaught II with two of the 200watt cards. This is a very nice amplifier especially for the money with only 2 cards installed... Oh yeah great bass and works extremely well to complement your Transparent speaker cabling.

Cytocycle, have you ever tried the Bel Canto Ref1000 mono blocks?

I have to agree with what you say "I've found most of the Ice or Class D amps to be light in the bass" but this isn't the issue with the Ref1000's which I have to say really shocked me.

I actually tried Jeff Rowland 501's in which I was very disapointed, gorgeous looks but did not perform well on the Egglestons, NuForse SE 9's were alright but I prefered the Ref1000's.
I'm not yet sold on them but just trying them but so far working out well.

500w in 8ohms and 1000w in 4ohms, if you have Egglestons you should try them you will be amazed.

The Theta is something that I could also try, thanks.

When you referred to speaker cable hook-up and said "Otherwise just try connecting your speaker cables to other set of binding posts to see if you notice a difference." did you mean instead of the two bottom binding post connect to the top ones? if so I have tried this.

I had the Transparent cables prior to buying the Eggleston's and have not used them because of the by wire connection of the Egglestons. I am running two separate runs of speaker cables.

I have to ask, I bought my Andra's new and when I received them there were no speaker binding post jumpers included. When I inquired about this I was told they don't send any because people use their own, is this true?

Also I have to say that they need to improve showing the "+" and "-" on the speaker post. All they have to do is have a red ring one of the actual binding post connections, black on black very annoying.
I haven't tried the ref1000, I just have read about the smaller wattage brothers and listened to those. FYI on the Rowland it takes like 800hrs for those to break in, but still not the level of refinement I think you are looking for.

Yes the brass jumpers are considered inferior for the most part on my NHT 3.3's I used some Silver Streak jumpers before buying the transparent jumpers.. The NHT's didn't improve with the jumper configuration, because of their crossover design. I found that connecting to the tweater section top half and then jumpering down to the woofer binding posts did improve on true biwire cable. You will see a bunch of used jumpers.. I think it only cost me less than $300 on the transparent reference jumpers.. if you buy used they sell for under $150. Other brands sell for cheap. I still need to post my silver streak jumpers up on agon..
Hi, DEV, in response to your questions, my andras were upgraded from 1's; i did have the option of biwiring at that time but decided to stay with a single pair- no doubt biwiring would offer some improvement. upgrading to levinson 33H monoblocks from rowland 12 mono's gave a much more dynamic presentation as well. but i have to ask what you felt was lacking in the wilson WP-7's? for MY tastes the andra's are more musically convincing overall, but the wilsons are razor-sharp when it comes to resolution of fine details, and they image amazingly well.
I would email Markr1, and ask his opinion, he has tried numerous amps with his Andre 2's, and LOVES the Dodd 120's I lent him, and he subsuquenntly bought. He also love the Dodd audio battery pre-amp with it. He can tell much more, but these are TRUE high end equipment, at bargain prices.

To answer the question about WP7's, they are excellent speakers.
In French_fries thread it is actually summed up when he said

"the andra's are more musically convincing overall, but the wilsons are razor-sharp when it comes to resolution of fine details, and they image amazingly well."

I don't know French_fries but this is actually how I felt about the WP7's and Andra 2's.

Cytocyle the Ref1000 are really good amps, you can't compare to the smaller ones. Rowland heard no thanks, love the looks.

I just orderd to day a Bent Tap Linestage Pre in which I want to try in this system, a friend highly recommended it. He uses a Placette Active.

I was referred to try a Moscode 401HR, suppose to be amazing. Compared it up against Dodd 120 and Bat SE600, check out the reviews, very interesting,

711smilin, the Dodd 120's are on my list to listen to with my Andra's.

Did you read the post referring to the Moscode 401HR bettering the Dodd 120's.

Has anyone heard this Moscode or is it just all talk, I say this because the review refers to not just bettering the Dodd but also the very well respected Bat SE 600.
I haven't heard the Moscode yet, and maybe I will in the near future. But for now, it's nothing but glorious music generated by my Dodd gear with my Andra IIs. Very synergistic match. Not even thinking of replacing anything, which is the first time ever for me! And as 711 says, I've been through all sorts of amps.
Dev, some points to note about the review. I believe a previous version of the Dodd 120 amps without the Sonicap Platinum upgrade were used in the review. The latest 3rd version of the Dodd 120 amps has more power, more dynamic and quieter than the previous version.
Dev: You sold the Bel Canto Ref 1000's (or at least I saw them posted a while ago) and now you posted you are using the Mcintosh... would you care to compare those and the Bel Canto Preamp to your current setup with the ARC Ref 3 and the McIntosh MC501's?

Cytocycle: I actually had the 501 Jeff Rowland's also along with the Bel Canto product. There was so much hype gong on about "D" amps including glowing reviews especially regarding the Bel Canto 1000's that I had to get some to try for my self. I always had the Mac's along with other gear such as Audio Research Ref 300's, VTL 7.5 pre, Avalon Diamond speakers but in second system. I was trying to really simplify the Eggleston set-up and appearance wise the "D" amps were a great fit.

Regarding the Bel Canto and my current set-up of Audio Research Ref 3 and Mac 501's you just can't compare. I started going into detail but deleted it, the "D" gear is not for me or I would have kept everything. Even during the process of actually selling the product potential buyers were asking my thoughts and what I was replacing them with and I told them how I felt. They were better than a Krell 300i integrated amp that I had but that was about it.

I am very happy with my current set-up but I do want to try some other amps down the road, Dodd (New one's), Lamm, Cat, new Moscode amps coming out are on my list. I sold my ARC Ref 2 MK2 pre and I have to say I preferred the midrange over my current ARC Ref 3. I have a Supratek pre. that I am wanting to compare against the Ref 3 but had some problems from the get go and awaiting for a new replacement.
I was hoping to power them with a Pass Labs X350.5.
Anyone try this combo?
I took a look at Bob Ludwig's setup. One pair Egglestonworks Ivy-$100,000 and five Egglestonworks Andra II's for surround sound. Amplification is: two bridged Cello Performance Mark II Amps (6000 watt peaks) and Transparent cabling throughout. Stan
HI. I have the old Andra's not the II. I drive them with musical fidelity KW 500 integrated. Sources are MF KWsacd, and music hall MMF-5. I am happy, it so musical espescially with classical and new age and Jazz, which i listen to most it is not the final word as I know everybody want seperates but given the space restrictions I have, I am happy with it. The bass is great strong and clear, well defined i can hear the lowest notes clearly and they blend into the music wihout covering any other frequency. The mids are beyond words, i will not talk about the mid range , it so real, as if there is no speaker in the room. if the room is dark i assume a person who has not listned ot the system before can't locate the speaker, every things is coming from where it should. The highs are very good, the can be better, and I think they may be the only thing I can improve now.

Most important it is musical, it represents the music in way the makes it play with your mind and soul as it own intrument, wow that sounds like poetry, well I am not a poet by an means
Good luck
I only have the Eggleston Rosa, but I use Pass XA160 amps to great effect. Pass and Eggleston is a very good combination. I would consider the Pass X600.5 mono, X350.5 stereo or XA's. They are often available used on Audiogon. Your wife might find them big and too warm though.
I just have ordered Andra 2 . I hope to have them by the end of next week.
Yes I got them right before I left for vacation. First impression awesome.
Just got back from vacation and fired up some tunes, the bass definition is so great on the Andras 2 you can follow the bass lines on any song. They sound so mellow and easy and effortless. The soundstage is huge with a center image that is the best I have ever heard and I have heard many speakers.
My Andras were demo's with 500 hours on them when I bought them so they are broken in.

Glad to hear your enjoying them as much as I am. They really are terrific sounding speakers.

One other idea you may want to consider is placing them on Sistrum platforms. I got the idea from Dev and they really help bring the speaker up another notch. It is not a small difference either...for me it made the bass much tighter, more midgrange detail emerged and the highs sounded even better!

Also, I have Virtual Dynamic Nite 3.0 power chords and I am looking for some new shorter speaker cables. You sound like you are enjoying your Virtual Dynamic cables but I'm not sure I want to spend that much...have you had experience with their other products?

Good luck!
Mikelll, Dev also is leading me down the path of the Sistrum Platforms.
They are expensive , but so are the speakers. Dev said they are easy to install. Did you find that true?
These speakers are extremly heavy, how did you get the platforms underneath ?

On power cords it depends on your Amp.
I started out using the VD Master on my Pass Labs Amp.
I liked it so much I went for the higher model the Rev 2.
I have also used Purist Anniversary, Dominus, and a few others on the Amp.
Most Amps with high power like low gauge copper wire.