Will a PS 300 provide enough juice?

Will a PS 300 provide enough juice to power a Primaluna Prologue One? I believe its rated at 38 watts, yet I think its all about the current delivery itself, not the wattage rating. I don't know, that's why I'am asking. All information will be much appreciated!!!!.......
I would SERIOUSLY doubt it. If I were you, I'd call PS Audio or check with the PS Audio Forum over on AA.
I have a PS300.If you draw more than 200 watts,it would overheat-especially with an amplifier.The PS 300 should be used only with sources,even preamps are slowed down by it.
I would try using the Primaluna with a top notch isolation transformer rated at 500-1000 watts.
No it won't.
No, it will certainly restrict dynamics and make it sound rather flat if it works at all. The 300 will work fine for your front-end gear, but not for a tube amp even of this size.
Thanks everyone for your response, most helpful. In short, I'am looking to regulate voltage on a tight budget. Looking at PS products(used) and Furman. Any other recommendations?

Probably too noisy for the living room. Best way is using a hard-wired unit in a non-occupied room (garage, basement ...) and dedicated line. Used portables like that can be found dirt cheap though. I have the same for the plasma that draws over 600W.

Wouldn't generally suggest under 2KVA to supply an amp but the "One" only draws 300W.
VA is more important than 'watts'. Especially as PF (Power Factor) drops.
After doing a little research, I think I'll keep it simple and go for one of the exactpower units....thanks for everyone's input....