Will a Music Hall a15.2 drive 4 ohm speakers?

I bought an MH a15.2 a couple of weeks ago and am really enjoying it. Now I have the itch to upgrade my speakers. The specs on the Music Hall rate it as 75wpc into 8ohms. Will it drive 4 ohm speakers without problem?
also depends on other ratings for the speaker, like sensitivity. Generally, I stay away from amps that don't have listed power specs into 6 and/or 4 ohms. The power doesn't have to double, but when the power rating at least increases, that is a sign of a good amp design.
It's not that your 4 ohm speaker would sound bad with the 15.2, it just won't open up to its full potential without good amplification.
I really haven't researched truly efficient, high ohm speakers because I have heard several of them at RMAF over the years and did not like them. The sound I prefer (in my price range) is Monitor Audio, B&W, Dynaudio and Quad's L-series, and these are not easily driven. Hopefully someone here can suggest efficient speakers.
My hunch, but it is only a hunch, that your amp should deliver more power at 4 ohms. So, unless you go very inefficient with speakers, you should be ok.

As for upgrading, Music Hall is part of the same audio family along with Creek and EPOS.

At the audio shows, Music Hall amps are typically paired with EPOS speakers and they sound fantastic together. One pairing I heard a few years back that I thought was sublime sounding was a Music Hall integrated with EPOS floor standers and a Music Hall turntable. So, EPOS would be one place I would look.

I am a big fan of Ascend Acoustics and the Sierra 1 . I have used these speakers for almost two years now and they always impress me with their sound.

Your current Quad speakers are no slouches either. What did you wish to improve on with upgrading them or do you just have the itch?

I think Crouse99 has Polk LS50s, if I read his threads correctly. I do currently have Quads, and I feel the sound is a little bright, but I'm not blaming the speakers. My upgrade path is a new amp (Odyssey or McCormack) or new USB converter (John Kenny JKSPDIF MKIII). Also planning to do some room treatments, but I don't want to over-dampen the room.
The amp can probably handle your 4 Ohm speakers with that much power into 8 Ohms. The question is -how loud do you plan on playing them and into what space? It is a matter of when the amp will clip. Most amps will clip at some point, but many very powerful ones won't until the volume is so great you prolly can't stand it or the speakers give out. Most speakers are sufficiently sensative such that the chance of clipping is remote. I wouldn't worry too much unless your having delusions of granduer.