Wilco /Newport Folk Festival

Wilco are an American treasure!! This band seems to be getting better,stronger and tighter as the band moves forward. Listen to Nels Cline play the freakin guitar! He is a genius. His licks are beyond lighning fast. Nels' improvisations are always creative and astounding.
The last Wilco show that I saw was a couple of years ago in a small theater called the Carnegie Theater in Pittsbugh. Three hours straight, of amazing music!!
If you a fan you should check out Wilco's last show from the Newport Festival found on NPR's concert series. The sound quality is awesome, as is the show!! Here is the link :
If you enjoy Amercana and Alt.Country you should listen to the two tribute albums to Woody Gutherie featuring his lost lyrics,that were interpreted by Wilco teaming up with Billy Bragg.The albums are titled: Mermaid Avenue Vol. 1 and 2. They are both gems!!
If you are interested in exploring Wilco's studio albums, I highly recommend Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Summer Teeth, Sky Blue Sky,A Ghost is Born, among others.
Saw them here in Eugene, OR a few months ago and they were fantastic. Sky Blue Sky gets a good play every now and then. Tweedy is a modern pop writing genius. Kline consistently steps outside the traditional guitarist role.
Wilco was on Jimmy Falon a couple weeks ago and blew the doors off th place. They played a track from the most recent lp-The Whole Love- which started off slow and melodic but heated up and ended with screaming guitars. Very enjoyable if you like rock too.
I'd say the're more like tulip than treasure and still blooming...
one of my favorite bands - great recordings on CD and vinyl.
Stevecham , agree on Tweedy's writing! Thromgard, thanks for the heads up on the awesome performance on the Jimmy Fallon show! You are correct , they destroyed that song.
Anyone have a chance to listen to the Newport show?
Pops, you have fine taste!
My favorite album is Sky Blue Sky. What's yours?
with you Todd - Sky Blue Sky, close second would be ghost....
Saw them for the first time in three years earlier this summer. They're a great live band, and they just seem to get better and better. I think they made their best albums awhile ago (Summerteeth, YHF, and Ghost), but I like the new stuff and will see them live whenever I can.