Wilco- Wow

I've been listening to this Jim'Rourke mixed album "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" for about a month now (got MP3's prior to it's release) I love it. I recommend it. Musically interesting, good recording, different.

Check it.
So far album of the year imho................
And probably their best effort.
I have heard a lot about them; looks like this is on the "list" for this week! ~Tim
This is my favorite type of music. If you like this also check out Whiskytown "strangers almanac", and The Cash brothers "How was yesterday" My favorites!
YHF is incredible, i had an mp3 copy as well for a few moths before it came out. it's easily the best album of the year thus far and it really makes me look forwayd to more releases from jeff tweedy.

as far as whiskeytown's strangers almanac, it is also really good, although i prefer 'pneumonia.'

glad to see wilco getting their props
I agree with Rolling Stone's assessment of the new Wilco as the "first great album of the year." It's brilliant, and I can't get enough of it. When I think that Wilco's former label, Warner music, refused to release it, I have to wonder what they were smoking over there.
Great CD. Uncle Tupelo, which spawned Wilco and Son Volt, just released an anthology which is also quite good. Son Volt may be worthy of a listen if you like Wilco. Terry Gross interviewed Tweedy last week on NPR, very entertaining. Anybody else catch it?
Hey Anth0456...their old label, Reprise, was a division of Warner Brothers and so is their new label, Nonesuch. Now I bet you're REALLY wondering what they were smoking. The band purchased their masters from Reprise for $50,000 (maybe $30,000?? I forget) and then sold them back to Nonesuch. I assume they sold them back to Nonesuch at a profit. Isn't corporate America a hoot??
Yeah I heard the Terry Gross interview with Tweedy. It just is not right when your favorite music is played on NPR. Pell Mell, Morphine, Modest Mouse, Tortoise... Am I getting old?

karl - in a word: yes.
Hey Karl-I didn't know if I was getting too old or Terry Gross is getting hip. I've decided on the former. I really like Morphine and Treat Her Right, both of whom I had the luxury of seeing before Sandman passed away. Which BTW, ( Sandmans death) was also the focus of a small NPR segment last year, strangely enough.