why so quiet?

I just picked up a dual 506, I bought it because it had a pickering xv-15-625e cart on it and a new one(same kind) included it is emaculate very little cleaning,I hooked it up and it plays quiet i have to have my volume at 3/4 to hear sound,I took it apart and removed cover where tone arm wires go to the board applied contact cleaner and toothbrush as they did look dirty,i hooked it up same problem i wiggled wires ,rca,ground as it played ,no change what am i missing?
What did you hook it up to? the cartridge itself puts out a miniscule signal, so it must go into a phono section on your amp or receiver, or a phono preamp before going into your amp. Forgive me if you already know this.
thank you for your response,I hooked it to my akai 1010 as i use this amp for testing and as a portable. It has a phono section,I placed the new cartridge(pickering) on my other table and played it through my technics sa 616 it sounded slightly quieter then the hitachi cart that i had on,I just hooked the dual up to the technics and same issue but louder as there is double the power,is it the nature of this cart,i thiught my phoho section was fine?????
This worked the last time -are you sure the stylus is seated all the way into the cartridge body ?
thank you stone deaf i will find that out now,I have had this before but there was no sound at all
thanks again stonedeaf,I can't beleive that was it,looking at it you could hardly see a space but I applied pressure and it push in slightly,sounds very nice.