Quietest Refrigator ?

We are looking for a new refrigator, it is close to where I sit in my listening room. The one I have now was the quietest when purchased the last year freon was used, but it is still heard when the compressor cycles on.
Anyone research this?...I'm sure there are others like myself in the same situtation.
The fridge at the top of the link provided by Loomisjohnson is an LG model. My wife and I just completed a kitchen remodel, and we installed an LG fridge. It's incredibly quiet. We're very happy.
A gas refrigerator will be completely quiet.
Also, some gas or kerosene refrigerators have auxillary electric heaters that can work in place of the gas flame.
guess I am lucky in that I dont hear mine cycle on or even running for that matter.
Excellent thread!!!
Get one of those antique oak ones where you have to replace the ice daily. You won't even hear the ice melting!
I found out that the quietest refrigerator is that one that's not in the room. I bought a new one recently after starting a crazy thread on the subject, only to realize that you regular $600 fridge is just as noisy now and they used to be 20 years ago, sad but true. Had to move it to the next room, needless to say, I have no wife to speak of...
May not be the best alternative, but you can probably just turn the fridge off when you are listening to music. It will not hurt to have it off for a few hours, as long as you are not continually opening the fridge door while it is off. I have had my fridge down a number of times for as long as 6 hours due to a power black out and there were no harmful effects to the fridge or the food inside.
Just got a kitchenaid architect series refridgerator last week, as far as the noise you can defintley hear it. Although it only comes on for a few minutes every couple of hours so nothing too bad. Also there is a vacation mode which I would imagine runs the motor even less than when in normal use. Good luck with your choice.
Something to consider may be the issue of electrical noise induced by hanging an electric motor on the same circuit or having it in the same room as sensitive audio gear. At the very least, the fridge should be on its own circuit (the most likely scenario in any case).
Jtori...Another reason to use a gas (or kerosene) refrigerator. If you run it on electricty instead of gas the heater will make no noise.
Eldartford, do you use a gas/kerosene refrigerator in your home? If so, what model?
Tvad...Not presently. When my family lived in a place where the electric service was unreliable (Malaya) we had a kerosene one. It worked fine, unless you forgot to refill the kero tank.

If you Google "Gas Refrigerator" you can get lots of info.
Thanks Eldartford. I was only interested to know if you use one.