Why not Gryphon Audio in US

I see fantastic European audio companies in the US like Soulution, Vitus, Burmester, but no Gryphon.
Why not?
I am interested in the Gryphon Mephisto, so the question.
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What's that for a question. Now you can buy direct, when there is a distribution chain you can pay 40% more.
Buy your fantastic unit now.
More money related. A very high level lineup like Gryphon requires a large upfront commitment from the Distributor (probably 500k+). You risk the lack of support in US, but Syntax is right, you can get a great deal direct
Gryphon is not ready to sell direct.
Was very clear in not supporting the US market!!
Gryphon has tried distribution in the US in the past, going back to the early 1990's.
Some ten years ago I spoke to Fleming Rasmussen of Gryphon and he cited the US Market as being not sophisticated enough for his products. He struck me as being an ethnocentric snob. He also struck me as being very short cited.
It is sadly, our loss, as this is the finest amplification I've ever heard in the solid state category.
1. Syntax:  Gryphon never sold direct in USA

2. Vinylphobia: Gryphon never had such financial requirement  to any potential distributor.
btw Gryphon has a service center in USA for years, serving all US Gryphon owners.
[email protected] for details

3.The Companys hesitation to reenter the US market has nothing to do with any kind of ridiculous  "Ethnocentric snobbery", as Lrsky claims, The hesitation is based on a business decision of waiting for the "right" distributor.

Lrsky appears to have his own personal bone to pick with Gryphon.

Gryphon would love to reenter the US market,  as they also state on their website. www.gryphon-audio.com
There is a lot of high-end European products being distributed in the U.S.A. Right now. There must be a reason why Gryphon is not being sold here. I saw on their website they are looking for a distributor in the United States. Maybe they are really difficult to work with. I can't see any other reason why it is not being sold here.

That's a nonsensical comment.

While there may be a lot of high-end European products being "distributed" in the US, many are represented only by a single dealer/"distributor", showing only a part of the line. Few Euro brands offer the range or scale of Gryphon, and to properly represent the line requires a major commitment from not just a distributor, but from dealers as well.

Most dealers possessing the size and substance required to represent a line like Gryphon are well-established and have long-standing relationships with other brands. You can quickly verify this fact by looking at major US dealers--the few that are left-- and noting which are "Wilson dealers", "Magico dealers", etc.

Most major speaker companies come with ready-made alliances with amp and cable brands. So--getting a full line, from source through speakers, into US dealers is very, very difficult. Gryphon is committed to doing it the right way--or not at all.

I applaud them for that, and it's absurd to make pettifogging assumptions over their absence from the market.