Why Is Krell the a bad work???

I am new in this cyber town. Please explain why Krell is such a hated word? Most every review of there products are very positive. In fact I have a 200 FPB and love it.
sorry rosey, 12:30 a.m. New Years eve. gets easy to mix things up. Any way this aint no freakin English class. I do not care if you like Krell or not I don't even own any of it, but everybody has an opinion. Just cause you do not like it does not mean everyone else shouldn't.
No, it might not be everybody's cup of tea. I have been buying and selling audio for about 20 years, and have owned tube and solid state high end equipment. I bought my first Krell amp about 7 years ago and got hooked on the impact, dynamics and control that it offered. From then on I assembled a KRC-HR,300S,MD-10,Studio DAC,B&W 801's, and PAD cables. This system I believe has a balance that I am not willing to part with. I have listened to new Krell equipment (and B&W's), and I do not care for it plus mine is paid for. I have converted and attracted many non- audiophile friends to wanting what they never thought was possible. All manufactuerers use certain equipment in the "voicing" of their equipment, and that is the type of synergy that should be persued. I also have heard that C.J. and CAT pre amps are great with Krell amps. I also feel that I can play any type of music on my system and it will closely portray what was intended and not robbing the energy. But remember, in the end you have to live with the system of your choice
Vegasears: You should just enjoy the FPB you have. I certainly do. Don't take other's opinions personally. Krell 1 and Nanderson made great comments. I always thought those who have STRONG anti-Krell opinions are strange. When I hear thoughtfully justified critiques against Krell gear then I can respect their opinion. As has been said, their are plenty of threads on the topic. I'm really happy with my almost all Krell system!
The problem with the Krell is their product line-up decisions. Who else but Krell would discontinue a brilliant preamp KRC-HR and keep lousy KRC-3. Who else but Krell would stick a 'c' without an upgrade path to the FPB. Seven years ago, I bought a KRC-2 and KSA-100. Two years later, upgraded to KRC-HR and KSA-200S. Some time later they brought out FPB. Now they have the 'c', the CAST and whatever. Seven years ago I bought a ML 30 & 31. Now I have a 30.6 & 31.5 - the originals upgraded. Krell does not seem to want 'faithful customers' - so, to hell with them. There are other, and better products out there.