Clarification Need on Krell Kav300i and Kav 400 ix

I recently heard a buddy's Kav 300i and was very impressed with its dynamic and detailed sound. The bass was also very good!

Unfortunately no longer made, I'm looking at the newer Kav 400 ix. I hear mix reviews on the Kav 400ix.

Stereophile seems to praise it in high heavens, ranking it a Class A integrated amp.

What Hi Fi also praises it very well giving it 5 stars out of 5.

Absolute sounds review is just a so so.. sort of contradicting both stereopile and What hi fi reviews.

My dealer also mentioned that the kav 300i is better than the kav 400 ix.

Have any of you guys owned both and compared ?

Speakers are the Dynaudios COntour 1.1

Thanks for inputs.

I sold Krell for many years. Both integrated are good but not great pieces. Compaired to many dealers anemic British integrateds the Krell's offer a lot of power and punch but they are closed in and lack sophistication.

Look at a Plinius 9100 they are fantastic sounding and much more musical then the Krells. They are a little hard to find but really worth it.