Convert two Krell KSA 250 into MDA 500

Hi everybody

I owned two Krell KSA 250. I would like to convert them into MDA 500 monoblocks. Krell told me that a MDA 500 monoblock is not only a KSA 250 in bridged mode but use a different driver board. maybe this difference is not essential.
Has anybody any experience in this type of upgrade (KSA 250 to MDA 500) or the simple use of KSA 250 in bridged mode ?
I would assume that the driver board in a MDA 500 is just simpler in design because it does not need to have stereo capabilities. Perhaps the bridge mode simply bypasses the stereo portion of the KSA circuitry to emulate the KMA. If you could get the schematics for both amps, a qualified tech could advise you on your options.
Why ruin two of the best amps ever made?
Your likely to spoil the resale value of the KSA 250s. Perhaps you should sell the KSA 250s and buy an MDA 500?
What Unsound said.
What Timrhu said that Unsound said.
I think you are right from an economic point of view.
A MDA 500 is based on two KSA 250 but the resale price seems to be equivalent to ONE Ksa 250 !!! I don't know why by the way... Since it is for sure an upgrade of the ksa 250. So buying a MDA 500 would be a better deal, but not easy to find ....
Brf, krell told me that each MDA 500 monoblock includes a differential circuitry (they are supposed to be the full balanced version of the KSA 250). They are not just KSA 250 in bridged mode.
Krell used to offer the conversion...there are no parts available anymore..according to Patrick at Krell