Why don't they make a dedicated iPod just for...

Why don' they make a dedicated iPod just for music like the Nano but that has the ability to store 30 or 60gb. I'd like to convert my CDs into Apple Lossless but I need far more space than the Shuffle or Nano currently provide. It seems like the larger capacities are reserved for the iPod Video player. The thing is, I'm really not interested in video...

Can anyone provide any explanation, solution, recommendation, etc. Also, any ideas when Apple may release something that would address my needs?

Thank you!
To listen with headphones or stereo system? I know Redwine audio mods a Ipod called the Imod. Check it out www.redwineaudio.com
Just because it says "video" doesn't mean you have to use it for that purpose.
Sorry - should have clarified... Primarily to listen with headphones. However, I would like the ability to plug it into my home system for low level listening, parties, etc.
Right - but I feel like I'm paying for something that I won't be using. Also, isn't it possible that an all audio version would have a better DAC than an audio/video version?

Thanks again!
Apple did have one like that, the 4th gen 40GB wheel click model. I bought one a couple years ago and use it just as you mentioned. However, that unit had hard drive problems which I can verify. The unit will just freeze and you have to wait for the battery to drain before you can use it again.

Since then, Apple has taken the multi-use approach. It makes sense, since it seems the unstoppable trend world-wide is towards small, portable multi-communication/entertainment devices.

We music only lovers are a minority.
Right - but I feel like I'm paying for something that I won't be using. Also, isn't it possible that an all audio version would have a better DAC than an audio/video version?

Holy cow, where to begin? You're paying for a 30/60 GB hard drive. When you buy a hard drive for your computer, do you look around for one that CAN'T be used for things you don't need???

As for the DAC, get over it. Really, really good DAC chips cost less than $1 apiece when purchased in the quantities that Apple does. And the DAC in the iPod is a really, really good DAC. Don't take my word for it. Take John Atkinson's: "The iPod's measured behavior is better than many CD players."
Well, I feel that if it weren't for video I could get something smaller in physical size (and price) while still having a large capacity for music files... Also, it appears that the iPod John Atkinson references is an older model (i.e. not the video iPod). Perhaps the DAC has changed given the different models?

Also, when I'm paying $400 for a 60gb hardrive you can be sure that I'm certainly going to take into consideration things that I don't need and won't use...

Thanks though! Anyone know if Apple has any new iPod releases in the near future?
You're out of luck. The video is a big selling point for the iPod and it's a very safe bet that any large capacity new model will prominently feature the video capabilities. If it's that important, then the iPod is not the product for you.
These websites will report any seismic ripple when the Apple rumor mill starts rumbling.





It used to be that new product lines or model updates were launched at Macworld San Francisco [January] and Macworld New York [July], but these days Steve Jobs has been dropping bombs on us when we least expect it.
This may come as a really big surprise to you, but I don't think they see the market quite the same way that you do...

Consider if you will that they just sold 20M units in Q42005 - there is probably no real sense in Cupertino (where corporate HQ is) that they are missing an important segment of the market. I don't have the numbers to back it up but my educated guess is that the adoption rate of the iPod for the first 5 years is ahead of the CD, the DVD and most certainly DVD-A, SACD and HD in household penetration.

Which might lead you to the conclusion that the hi end audiophile market is not a particularly rewarding one - especially since what it appears you really want is the same thing for less... BTW IMHO a 60Gb Nano without a screen would be pretty much useless

As Onhwy61 points out, Apple is going to continue to push the video angle because video capability is a key to a new revenue stream - downloaded video. First the iTunes store, next the iTV store though I am sure they will have a catchier name LOL

Yes they do change DACs - they did from the Gen4 (Photo) to the Gen5 (video) The real issue is not the quality of the DAC, its everything in the circuit that comes after it. If you haven't, you should use the line out from the dock not the headphone out - big difference. Don't know if this is any consolation to you but Steve Job is a perfectionist and he hangs out with a lot of cool people who know audio (Bono for one) - he will always put the best DAC he can in the device

I would guess that they are on a 3 or 4x per year introduction pace right now. They seem to be intent on leveraging their lead and fragmenting the market to make it ever harder for anyone to come in and gain a foothold - kind of a float like a butterfly strategy - I'm here, I'm there and you mr competitor don't have the marketing budget to be everywhere I am at once

One thing is for sure, its never dull

Here's an article that more or less draws a parallel between your gripe with current iPod offerings and cellphones. It reinforces the idea of the trend towards micro devices that have multi functions. You don't have to read the whole article, the headline sums it up.

Thanks for all of your responses and links so far... I don't have a problem with moving technology forward. The caveat is that the product should be better. From what I understand from looking at previous posts on the topic, those "in the know" state that the 4th Gen Ipod has the better dac. So we have a case where we have added more features with the 5th Gen but we have made the music playback a lessor priority by using an inferior DAC. Why not perfect the audio aspect first (digital out, etc), then move into incorporating video?

Second, I really don't see how this video thing is going to work. Are people going to download movies onto a 2.5" screen via ITunes? Wouldn't burning onto DVD and watching on laptops provide a far better portable viewing experience?

Thanks again!
Anybody who thinks Apple put a sub-par DAC in the latest iPods is most definitely NOT in the know.
You are out of touch with high tech product marketing. The lifespan of these products is too short to perfect the product. The goal is to get the product to the market first and then gain maximum market penetration in the shortest possible time. Adding video is an excellent way for Apple to expand the iPod's potential market.

Similar to audio, you don't have to watch the video on the iPod's screen, you can hook it up to a big screen display. A person can go to a friend's house with a whole season of "The Shield" plus dozens of albums and just hook into his system. Perfect? No! -- Amazing? Yes!
This has been an enlightening exchange... It has certianly shed some light on the topic of how Apple makes their business decisions. Just Micro 101 i guess....

Allow me to pose a final question... Are there any companies out there that offer a large capacity portable audio solution with a digital out that would be comptabile with Apple Lossless? I guess this is what I am (and I suppose other audiophiles) really after...
One more question... Using Apple Lossless about how many 4 minute songs could I fit on the 30gb and 60gb iPod Video?

Thanks again!
Figuring 6 MB per minute of music (from 10 MB uncompressed), that works out to 1250 4-minute songs on the 30-gig and 2500 on the 60. These are very rough estimates, since the amount of compression will vary from song to song.
THanks Pabelson! I'm going to visit the Apple store over the weekend and report back...