Why doesn't MBL get more recognition

I recently heard the MBL 7008 integrated amp and was very impressed. Everyone seems to know of MBl, those who have heard it think it's great gear, but I find almost no reviews or discussion posts about it. Why does such a great sounding product line seem to be such a secret.
maybe because it is so esoteric and expensive...just my 2c
use MBL DAC & power supply. Made dramatic improvement in
my system. Has been very reliable.
I have never been impressed with their total sound as it lack finesse and dynamics. I think they are muscle products while I prefer horns and low power SETs.
TDE, Too damned expensive.
The MBL equipment is very unrealistic. The speaker systems are very entertaining but after long term listening the flaws become obvious.

I have to agree with Norm in terms of "muscle products". The reason for this has to be the total inefficiency of their speakers. The necessity of high power (MBL amps) does not translate into a refined sound when used with other speakers.

The digital products are very good, although extremely expensive and not synergistic with many systems.
Sure can't argue that it is too damned expensive, but I listened to the 7008 integrated in a friend's system, and found it to be extremely musical. I haven't heard other MBL products, but I would put the 7008 ahead of the Gryphon Callisto 2100 which I always ranked as one of the best. The industry is filled with products that are way over priced, and many of them are highly reviewed with a loyal customer base, but for whatever reason, the MBL products seem to have few dealers, even fewer reviews, and absolutely no buzz.
There is not much buzzing about the Gryphon either...probably due to the price. I'm probably going to continue up the integrated food chain and never go to separates so ultimately I may get to the Gryphon level...probably gonna take a while though.
dear jtinn,

can u elaborate on what are the obvious flaws after long listening?