Doesn't anyone talk about CENTER SPEAKERS need 1

Have B&W 805s and 100 watts of Cary powerx7, small room and good cables & electronics.

I want Center/surrounds that sound good with B&W yet don't make me pay for name. Like to be around $1000 +/-.

I know, buy B&W. But if NOT, WHAT???? Considering Splendor for rears. Good idea?? Idiot?? [I pitch em down the middle, you hit em out]. But still need CENTER.

Merci beaucoup,

Thanks. I always enjoy your thoughts.
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Buy the matching B&W, the timbre balance between the front three is crucial to a good HT/MC audio sound system, then get matching rears as they too are important.

No matter how good another center you buy, it will not match well to your other speakers and will not sound great.
Front 3 need to be the same.

Center for video: can be different. Center for SACD 5.1 audio: must be identical to front L & R.
Go with B&W all-around. As others have said, the timbre matching is VERY important. Don't skimp here, you'll regret it...

Cathode is correct about video center. In fact, a speaker with limited and/or shaped frequency response will make dialog easier to make out. But, for music I really think that all five speakers should be the same. Well, maybe you can skip the subwoofers for the rears.
Why not buy a single speaker identical to the B&W you have. A lot has been written about this approach, especially alignment of drivers. I have found the center made speaker to be not as effective as a single. If you buy a used pair, try one then both. there is nothing that tells you you can't use two, both driven in mono.

Ed is an idiot: 6
Ed agrees with you: 1

Thanks for telling me what I already know in my head....
I really do appreciate it. You all have likely saved me a lot of money. This hobby is expensive enough without doing stupid stuff. I have done it before and know better. I won't even talk about rears........

You may consider the James loudspeakers brand. They have a pitch tpye control on the back of the unit which helps to taylor the sound to your speakers or room. Build quality is over the top. I am using one with my VSA jr4's with great result. Good luck on your search. Glen
I have B&W 805's across the front. The center is like the 805 on it's side. My surronds are Mission dipoles. Great for movies. Thru my Anthem pre pro music coming from the Missions for SACD or DVD-A is outstanding.