Expressimo Audio "the LIFT" ....doesn't

I have been driven crazy by this thing!! It will not work with my setup, no matter how many variations I try.

Turntable is VPI extended Aries w/JMW 12.5 arm. Lyra Helikon cartridge with 1.7g tracking force.

Problem is the arm act too heavy for the "lift", and it will trigger at the end of the record, but will not have the strength to hold the stylus off the record.

Any suggestion/tips? Any better product out there?
Have you tried mounting it further from the tonearm pivot for increased leverage?
yES, it's actually *right* next to the turntable platter it has pretty much been...but/and I think I may have it working for now!

I'm surprised at how small a working positioning 'bracket' it actually has...1 mm this way or that and it doesn't work...not any room for error, and for $90 ???

I know stereophile recommended it as a great component, so it must be me?

I kinda want to glue a little more weight on there, but for that money, shouldn't have to, ya know?
They make two versions. Do you have the one designed for heavier arms?
As far as I recall, Expressimo isn't drilled in the middle. It means if you turn the counterweight one way or the other, you will decrease the counterforce. Be noted that antiscate may be altered in that case and will probably need an adjustement.
After many attempts to contact 'Expressimo audio' owner Sal...I have modified the lift myself.

Took a stainless steel acorn nut...melted lead into the hole, and double-sided sticky-tape'ed it to the Lift...being careful to maintain the balance of the arm.

Works Let's see. I paid Music Direct $90 for it and had to 'fix' it. I love it! Sometimes you just gotta laugh.
Your gain, his loss. Glad you found a solution, and one you can brag about!
I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of that. Being of the DIY sort, It might be fun to make something.

Hi Guys Brian from Expressimo Audio .

You should always email the manufacture when something is not working. I personally go out of my way to make things right or refund your money. If the Lift is not LIFTING the arm it is simple email me I have custom head weights and I have the NEW Project Music Hall Lift with more Lift force. I would have gladly helped you. If you still need help email me. My Father Sal C passed away 5 years ago.

Brian from Expressimo is a great guy and his customer service stellar. He is very  knowledgeable and helpful with any questions or problems I had with my TT.
They used to have a heavier weight you could buy.  I had to use one with my JMW-9.