Why do I get better FM reception in my car...

Hi everyone... I recently moved to an urban area and am currently using a Yamaha T-2 tuner with the plain vanilla wire antenna. I'm wondering why I can get better reception in my car parked curbside than in my apartment? I have tried both Godar and Dynalab antennas and the regular wire antenna worked better than both of these. The problem is that I can't get the station I want in my apartment.

Any insight or recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately a roof-top antenna is not an option...

Thankg again!
FM signal strength and quality is dependent on height and location in relationship to the transmitting tower. You are simply in a bad location within your house or apartment.
Now I'm definitely intrigued... Because both my car and my home system are on ground level... My car is located 15 feet North of my home system and the station I am trying to pull in is located East (FM 90.7 in Manhattan)

I went to their website and they mentioned that they also do a digital broadcast, but that would require a separate tuner, right?

Thanks again!
Is it because the WFUV-FM antenna is in the Bronx which is north of your apartment. Here is a link that may help you:
I wonder if my ex coworker son is still a dj at Fordham.
Another tweek is that the local cabel company also transmits radio stations over their tv lines, however when I lived up there 6 years ago on LI, cablevision didn't transmit the lower portion of the frequency band which consists of college radio, if my memory serves me well.
The sensitivity of car radios is usually much better than home tuners, but the sound quality etc. is not nearly as good, but that isn't important in car sound systems.
Keep experimenting with location of your indoor antenna for sufficient signal strength and minimum distortion.
Digital broadcasts necessitate a digital receiver and a user fee.
Bob P.
there are a couple of internet radio tuners.

roku soundbridge (three models)

and slimdevices squeezebox

now internet radio, being compressed digital, is not going to sound great, but it should be good enough, particularly if you're satisfied with mp3s. more importantly, there's a lot more choice, particularly if you're into some really obscure music; like anything not played by clear channel.

fm radio can sound pretty good, but the available selection on the fm dial is so bad, well fm radio is becoming irrelevant. and i don't see the point in laying down a kilobuck just to listen to one or two radio stations.

i live in new york too, and what with there being only one and a half classical stations i just don't see the point in fm radio anymore.
Your car is better grounded and there nothing around it to stop the signal.