Whole house audio

I just wanted to know if there were some recommendations for whole house audio. I was thinking of 4 zones... probably outdoor patio, family room, master bedroom and master bathroom. Are there good quality and good value systems out there that you guys recommend?

I don't need this to be top of the line audiophile-grade sound - that's for my 2 channel system to do... I just want to have some good sounds around the house.


Oh... and if you can recommend some good in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, that'd be appreciated also.

I was thinking of going with some Polk 265-LS in-walls and building around those. I think they might be pretty decent for in-walls.
Making any part of it 'audio grade sound' will be a waste of money since you are dealing with 'in prefect' spaces that are not suitable to hi end sound.

Not looking to make this an audiophile system - I just wanted to see if there were recommendations on a server/amplication system that would do whole house audio.
I used Sonos for distribution and Monitor Audio speakers in-wall for the patio and family oom. I have a listening room for more serious listening.
Hi, You could buy "four" used "Bose Wave Radio's" and put one in each space or buy one and move it around to the different locations as needed.
I have a nice little Phillips boombox that I use for the patio or the garage when I'm working out there.
Just a different direction to think about, Tish
I was thinking of Sonos.... seems like I can just install the speakers in the locations I want in the house, run the speaker wires to a central closet location and then build up from there. Start w/ 1 Sonos Connect Amp and then build up.

The other option is going with a system that does FULL home automation like ELAN.. however, this is expensive but it does much more than just audio. It'll do lights, alarm/security, video surveillance, thermostat, etc.
You can also add portable speaker with Sonos, if you don't want to wire the entire house.